Manager's Guide to Strategic Retirement Plan Management

Manager's Guide to Strategic Retirement Plan Management

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Acknowledgments. 1: Introduction. 2: The Basics of Retirement Plans. 3: Administration. 4: Fiduciary Duty. 5: Financial. 6: Human Resources. 7: How to Hire the Right Consultants. 8: General Trends. 9: Where to Go for Help? Appendix A: Company ABC-Request for Proposal: 401(k) Savings Plan. Appendix B: Sample Traditional Request for Proposal. Appendix C: Sample Defined Contribution Plan Investment Policy Statement. Appendix D: 401(k) Plan Investment Performance Review. Appendix E: Replacement Ratio Study: A Measurement Tool for Retirement Planning. Appendix F: Selecting a Default Fund for a Defined Contribution Plan. Appendix G: Argus Consulting Ltd NGO Retirement Plan Survey-2005 Results. Appendix H: Lessons from Behavioral Finance and the Autopilot 401(k) Plan. Index.
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