Practical Introduction to Software Design with C++ (WSE)

Practical Introduction to Software Design with C++ (WSE)

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What Is Object-Oriented Design? A Simple Example of Object-Oriented Design. Implementing an Object-Oriented Design. How to Use C++ Effectively. Designing with Inheritance. Design Notations. Using Object-Oriented Libraries. Debugging and Testing. Graphical Application Concepts. Designing Graphical Applications. User-Interface Design. Creating Object Libraries. Design Patterns. Multiple-Processs Programming. Software Engineering. Writing Larger Systems. Appendices. Index.
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write moderately sized C++ programs; basic to advanced object-oriented design; using object libraries; use C++ effectively; using STL; creating library classes; using design patterns in C++; C++ advanced language features; C++ advanced programming features; exception handling with C++; C++ debugging tools and techniques; implement an object-oriented design; designing with inheritance; multiple process programming