Auditing Information Systems 2e

Auditing Information Systems 2e

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Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: CORE CONCEPTS. Chapter 1. Basics of Computing Systems. Chapter 2. Identifying Computer Systems. PART TWO: STANDARD INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDIT APPROACH. Chapter 3. Information Systems Audit Program. Chapter 4. Information Systems Security Policies, Standards, and/or Guidelines. Chapter 5. Auditing Service Organization Applications. Chapter 6. Assessing the Financial Stability of Vendor Organizations, Examining Vendor Organization Contracts, and Examining Accounting Treatment of Computer Equipment and Software. Chapter 7. Physical Security. Chapter 8. Logical Security. Chapter 9. Information Systems Operations. PART THREE: CONTEMPORARY INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDITING CONCEPTS. Chapter 10. Control Self-Assessment and an Application in an Information Systems Environment. Chapter 11. Encryption and Cryptography. Chapter 12. Computer Forensics. Chapter 13. Other Contemporary Information Systems Auditing Challenges. Chapter 14. Humanistic Aspects of Information Systems Auditing. Chapter 15. Information Systems Project Management Audits. Chapter 16. Conclusion. Appendix A: Professional Auditing Associations and Other Organizations Related to Information Systems Auditing and Computer Security. Appendix B: Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation. Appendix C: The International Organization for Standardization: Seven-Layer Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model. Selected References. Glossary. Index.
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