Baculovirus Expression Systems and Biopesticides

Baculovirus Expression Systems and Biopesticides

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Partial table of contents: DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE BACULOVIRUS--INSECT CULTURE SYSTEMS. Insect Cell Culture Methods and Their Use in Virus Research (R. Granados & K. McKenna). Comparison of Mammalian and Insect Cell Cultures (M. Shuler). Development and Testing of Genetically Improved Baculovirus Insecticides (H. Wood). BIOREACTOR DESIGN AND SCALE--UP ISSUES. Overview of Issues in Bioreactor Design and Scale--Up (R. Taticek, et al.). The Effect of Hydrodynamic Forces on Insect Cells (J. Chalmers). COMMERCIAL APPLICATION OF INSECT CELL CULTURE. Baculovirus--Mediated Production of Proteins in Insect Cells: Examples of Scale--Up and Product Recovery (M. Silberklang, et al.). Index.
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