Big Java

Big Java

Horstmann, Cay S.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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This text is an exploration into computer science, programming principles and advanced features of the Java language. The text is useful for anyone interested in learning or reinforcing introductory programming concepts and beginning to take advantage of many of the exciting attributes of the Java language. Now updated with Java 1.
Preface.Special Features.Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Using Objects. Chapter 3. Implementing Classes. Chapter 4. Fundamental Data Types. Chapter 5. Programming Graphics (Optional).Chapter 6. Decisions. Chapter 7. Iteration. Chapter 8. Arrays and Array Lists. Chapter 9. Designing ClassesChapter 10. Testing and Debugging. Chapter 11. Interfaces and Polymorphism. Chapter 12. Event Handling (Optional). Chapter 13. Inheritance. Chapter 14. Graphical User Interfaces (Optional). Chapter 15. Exception Handling. Chapter 16. Files and Streams. Chapter 17. Object-Oriented Design.Chapter 18. Recursion. Chapter 19. Sorting and Searching. Chapter 20. An Introduction to Data Structures. Chapter 21. Advanced Data Structures.Chapter 22. Generic Programming. Chapter 23. Multithreading (Advanced). Chapter 24. Internet Networking (Advanced). Chapter 25. Relational Databases (Advanced). Chapter 26. XML (Advanced). Chapter 27. JavaServer Faces (Advanced). Appendix A: Java Language Coding Guidelines. Appendix B: The Basic Latin and Latin-1 Subsets of Unicode. Appendix C: The Java Library. Appendix D: Adapting Java 5 Programs to Older Compilers. Appendix E: Java Syntax Summary. Appendix F: Java Operator Summary.Appendix G: Java Keyword Summary. Appendix H: Metric Conversion Factors. Appendix I: HTML Summary. Appendix J: Tool Summary. Appendix K: javadoc Summary. Appendix L: Number Systems. Appendix M: Bit and Shift Operations. Appendix N: UML Summary. Glossary. Index.Illustration Credits.
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