Biochemical Thermodynamics

Biochemical Thermodynamics

Applications of Mathematica

Alberty, Robert A.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Preface. Chapter 1: Thermodynamics of the Dissociation of Weak Acids.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Apparent Equilibrium Constants.

Chapter 3: Biochemical Reactions at Specified Temperature and Various pHs.

Chapter 4: Biochemical Reactions at Various pHs and Various Temperatures.

Chapter 5: Biochemical Reactions at Various pHs, pMgs, and Various Temperatures.

Chapter 6: Development of a Database on Species.

Chapter 7: Uses of Matrices in Biochemical Thermodynamics.

Chapter 8: Oxidoreductase Reactions (Class 1) at 298.15 K.

Chapter 9: Transferase Reactions (Class 2) at 298.15 K.

Chapter 10: Hydrolase Reactions (Class 3) at 298.15 K.

Chapter 11: Lyase Reactions (Class 4), Isomerase Reactions (Class 5), and Ligase Reactions (Class 6) at 298.15 K.

Chapter 12: Survey of Reactions at 298.15 K.

Chapter 13: Survey of Reactions at Various Temperatures.

Chapter 14: Thermodynamics of th Binding of Ligands by Proteins.

Chapter 15: Calorimetry of Biochemical Reactions.


1. BasicBiochemData3.nb.

2. Tables of Transformed Thermodynamic Properties.

3. Glossary of Names of Reactants.

4. Glossary of Symbols for Thermodynamic Properties.

5. List of Mathemutica Programs.

6. Sources of Biochemical Thermodynamic Information on the Web.

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temperature; constraints; reactions; thermodynamics; complexities; chemical; biochemical; constant; mathematica; ph; additional; metal; concentrations; variables; intensive; thermodynamic properties; system