Business Schools and their Contribution to Society

Business Schools and their Contribution to Society


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Foreword - Bernard Ramanantsoa Prologue: Business Schools As Usual? - Mette Morsing and Alfons Sauquet Rovira PART ONE: HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL PERSPECTIVES ON BUSINESS SCHOOL LEGITIMACY Business Education - Rakesh Khurana and Daniel Penrice The American Trajectory Creating a Business School Model Adapted to Local Reality - Maria Tereza Leme Fleury and Thomaz Wood Jr A Latin American Perspective The Changing Role of Business Schools as Key Social Agents in Asia - Bernard Yeung and Kulwant Singh Institutional Evolution and New Trends in Russian Management Education - Valery S. Katkalo The Legitimacy and Future of Business Schools in Turkey - Baris Tan European Business Schools and Globalization - Lluis Puges CSR, Business Schools and the Asia Pacific Context - Juliet Roper PART TWO: TOWARDS A NEW LEGITIMACY FOR BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN GLOBAL SOCIETY Business Schools in Society - Alan Irwin, Dorte Salskov-Iversen and Mette Morsing The Distinctiveness of Diversity Design Science as a Reference Point for Management Research - Michael Barzelay and Saul Estrin The National Role of Contemporary Business Schools in Response to the Financial Crisis - Thomas M. Begley and Patrick T. Gibbons Business Schools - From Career Training Centers towards Enablers of CSR - Thomas Bieger A New Vision for Teaching at Business Schools The Future of Business School Research - Muel Kaptein and George S. Yip The Need for Dual Research Methodologies Business Schools' Corporate Social Responsibility - Christoph Badelt and Barbara Sporn Practice What You Preach The Role of Higher Education Institutions in the Fields of Economic and Social Sciences - Guido Tabellini Has It Been Changed by the Economic Downturn? Business Schools in Relation to the Organizational and Ethical Challenges of Systemic Transformation - Adam Budnikowski A Polish Example The New Rigor - Judith Samuelson Beyond the Right Answer PART THREE: BUSINESS SCHOOLS' ROLE IN SHAPING AND TRANSFORMING ETHICAL BUSINESS CONDUCT Responsible Business Education - Carlos Losada, Janette Martel and Josep M. Lozano Not a Question of Curriculum but a Raison d'Etre for Business Schools The Business School of the 21st Century - Valerie Swaen, Philippe de Woot, Didier de Callatay Educating Citizens to Address the New World Challenges The Need for Good Old Principles in Financial Management Education - Eero Kasanen and Robert Grosse PRME and Four Theses on the Future of Management Education - Manuel Escudero A Plea to Business Schools - Robert Strand Tear Down Your Walls Corporate Responsibility and the Business Schools' Response to the Credit Crisis - Nigel Roome, David Bevan and Gilbert Lenssen Epilogue - Alfons Sauquet Rovira, Mette Morsing and Marc Vilanova
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