Cancer Epigenetics - Biomolecular Therapeutics in Human Cancer

Cancer Epigenetics - Biomolecular Therapeutics in Human Cancer

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Contributors. Preface. SECTION I: EPIGENETICS AND CELL CYCLE. 1 Epigenetic Modulation of Cell Cycle: An Overview (Micaela Montanari, Antonio Giordano, Marcella Cintorino, and Marcella Macaluso). SECTION II: EPIGENETICS AND CELL DEVELOPMENT, SENESCENCE AND DIFFERENTIATION. 2 Epigenetics in Skeletal Muscle Development (Cristina Giacinti and Antonio Giordano). 3 Epigenetic Control in Cellular Senescence (Heike Helmbold, Wolfgang Deppert, and Wolfgang Bohn). 4 Epigenetic Modulation in Cell Development and Differentiation (Mario Mancino, Claudia Esposito, Raffaella Pasquale, Immacolata Vocca, and Francesca Pentimalli). SECTION III: EPIGENETICS AND GENE TRANSCRIPTION. 5 Epigenetic Control of Gene Transcription (Christian Bronner, Mayada Achour, Thierry Chataigneau,and Valerie B. Schini-Kerth). 6 Epigenetics, MicroRNAs, and Cancer: An Update (Giuseppe Russo, Andrew Puca, Francesco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta,Letizia Cito, Debora Muresu, Flavio Rizzolio, and Antonio Giordano). SECTION IV: EPIGENETICS AND CANCER. 7 The Role of Epigenetic Modifications in Cancer (Michael J. Powell, Vladimir M. Popov, Xiang Wang, Steven B. McMahon,Alexander Mazo, and Richard G. Pestell). 8 MBD4/MED1 Protein in DNA Repair and Demethylation, Cancer, and Other Diseases (Serena Buontempo, Mara Sannai, and Alfonso Bellacosa). 9 Epigenetics in Pediatric Cancers (Roberta Ciarapica, Lavinia Raimondi, Federica Verginelli, and Rossella Rota). 10 Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer Formation and Progression (Elisabetta Fratta, Luca Sigalotti, Alessia Covre, Giulia Parisi, Riccardo Danielli, Hugues Jean Marie Nicolay, Sandra Coral, and Michele Maio). SECTION V: EPIGENETICS AND ANTICANCER DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND THERAPY. 11 Recent Advances in the Field of Stem Cell Research: Toward the Definition of the Epigenetic and Genetic Codes of Pluripotency (Gaetano Romano). 12 Potential of Heat Shock Protein Targeting for Human Therapy (Laszlo Otvos, Jr). 13 Advances in Stem Cell Therapy for Cancer Research (Andrew Puca and Antonio Giordano). 14 Epigenetic Targets and Drug Development (Paraskevi Vogiatzi, Maria Irene Scarano, and Pier Paolo Claudio). Index.
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