Casting for Big Ideas - A New Manifesto for Agency Managers

Casting for Big Ideas - A New Manifesto for Agency Managers

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Foreword by Neil French, Worldwide Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. Introduction: The Call for a New, Smarter Agency Architecture. PART 1: Agency Architecture. CHAPTER 1: Agency Architecture: Getting It Right from the Beginning. CHAPTER 2: The Pitch: Matching the Hatch and Deciding What Would Make the Client Bite Down on Your Lure. CHAPTER 3: Creative Department: How Long Can It Survive as Idea Central? CHAPTER 4: Media Department: Can It Replace Creative as the Primary Source for Brand-Building Ideas? CHAPTER 5: The Internet and the Agency. CHAPTER 6: Prioritizing Strategic Planning. PART 2: Management Lessons. CHAPTER 7: Growing Your Agency. CHAPTER 8: Smart Ownership Principles. CHAPTER 9: Integrating and Refocusing the Agency Network. CHAPTER 10: The Future. APPENDIX A: Advertising's Invisible Values. APPENDIX B: A Big Future for Big ideas. APPENDIX C: The IDEO Difference. Notes. Acknowledgments. Index.
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