Childhood & Adolescent Diabetes

Childhood & Adolescent Diabetes

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Aetiology, Epidemiology, Immunology, Environmental Factors, Genetics and Prevention (W. Lamb). Diabetes--Management of the First Few Weeks (I. Jefferson M. Kibirige). Diabetes in the Under-Fives (C. McCowen). The Point and Purpose of the Clinic--Personnel and Practical Aspects (K. Robertson W. Lamb). The Concept of Control (D. Matthews). Insulin Strategies (J. Wales). Acute Complications of Diabetes (J. Edge K. Matyka). Growth in Diabetes and Other Associated Auto-immune Conditions (I. Jefferson). Exercise and Diabetes (M. Kibirige S. Court). Parents and Children--Stories, Pictures and Explanations (S. Court). Appendices. Index.
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important; children; people; diabetes; control; identification; complications; concept; patients; between; care; responsibility; health; multidisciplinary; professionals; team; features; practical solutions; chapters; childhood; key; problems