Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Integrating Science and Practice

Felgoise, Stephanie H.; Freeman, Arthur; Davis, Denise D.

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Part I. Introduction.

1. Introduction: The history, politics and social environment ofclinical psychology.

2. The fields of clinical psychology: Professional culture andsubspecialties.

3. Working with cultural diversity.

4. Clinical research and outcome assessment.

Part II. Basic Techniques for Clinicians AssessmentTechniques.

5. Why people become clients: Understanding Psychopathology.

6. Introduction to assessment: The biopsychosocial systems modelof human behavior.

7. A scientific approach to assessment and methods of gatheringdata.

8. The logistics of assessment and a closer look at the clinicalinterview.

9. Developing a case conceptualization.

10. Developing a treatment plan: therapeutic alliance andcollaborative goals.

11. Therapeutic methods: building psychotherapy skills.

12. Understanding, facilitating and evaluating change.

13. Impediments to change.

14. Effective Termination.

Part III. What Every Clinician Needs to Know.

15. Self care and ethics: applying the techniques of positivepsychology.
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