Cluster Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Byrne, David; Uprichard, Emma

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Introduction - David Byrne and Emma Uprichard
The Distinctiveness of Case-Oriented Research - C. Ragin
The Causal Devolution - A. Abbott
A Tradition of Natural Kinds - I. Hacking
How "Natural" are "Kinds" of Sexual Orientation?' - I. Hacking
The Logic of Classification - W. L. Davidson
On the Logic of Classification - G. Sandri
Scientific Classification - J. Dupre
How things Work - G. Bowker
How Real are Statistics? Four Possible Attitudes - A. Desrosieres
EXTRACTS FROM The Growth of Cluster Analysis: Tryon, Ward, and Johnson - R. Blashfield
The Continuing Search for Order - R. Sokal
Phenetic Taxonomy: Theory and Methods - R. Sokal
Principles of Clustering - W. T. Williams
A Quantitative Approach to a Problem in Classification - C. Michener and R. Sokal
Representation of Similarity Matrices by Trees - J. A. Hartigan
Data Clustering: A Review - A. Jain, M. Murty and P. Flynn
Introduction - David Byrne and Emma Uprichard
Cluster Analysis in Perspective - D. Speece
The Practice of Cluster Analysis - J. Kettering
A Review of Classification - R. Cormack
Sociological Classification and Cluster Analysis - K. Bailey
Cluster Analysis - K. Bailey
Literature on Cluster-Analysis - R. K. Blashfield and M. S. Aldenderfer
Distance as a Measure of Taxonomic Similarity - R. Sokal
Efficiency in Taxonomy - R. Sokal and P. Sneath
Numerical Taxonomy: Points of View - R. Sokal et al
Hierarchical Grouping to Optimize an Objective Function - J. Ward
An Examination of Procedures for Determining the Number of Clusters in a Data Set - G. Milligan
A Comparison of Some Methods of Cluster Analysis - J. C. Gower
A Nearest Centroid Technique for Evaluating the Minimum-variance Clustering Procedure - R. M. McIntyre and R. K. Blashfield
Measurement Problems in Cluster Analysis - D. G. Morrison
Unresolved Problems in Cluster Analysis - B. Everitt
Introduction - David Byrne and Emma Uprichard
The Use and Reporting of Cluster Analysis in Health Psychology: A Review - J. Clatworthy et al
Cluster Analysis in Illness Perception Research: A Monte Carlo Study to Identify the Most Appropriate Method - J. Clatworthy et al
The Psychiatric and Criminal Careers of Mentally Disordered Offenders Referred to a Custody Diversion Team in the United Kingdom - W. Dyer
Fuzzy Cluster Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Trajectories - H. Gordon and R. Somorjai
Mosaic: From an Area Classification System to Individual Classification - R. Webber and Farr
Creating the UK National Statistics 2001 Output Area Classification - D. Vickers and P. Rees
Spatial Analysis Using Clustering Methods: Evaluating Central Point and Median Approaches - A. Murray
Use of Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Cluster Analysis to Study Dietary Behaviour: Food Consumption Questionnaire in the Su.Vi.Max. Cohort - C. Guinot et al
Shopping-related Attitudes: a Factor and Cluster Analysis of Northern California Shoppers - P. Mokhtarian, D. Ory and X. Cao
Combining Cluster and Discriminant Analysis to Develop a Social Bond Topology of Runaway Youth - A. Cherry
Heirarchical Clustering via Joint Between-Within Distances: Extending Ward's Minimum Variance Method - G. Szekely and M. Rizzo
Fuzzy Classification in Dynamic Environments - A. Bouchachia
A Multistep Unsupervised Fuzzy Clustering Analysis of fMRI Time Series - M. Fadili et al
A Note on K-modes Clustering - Z. Huang and M. Ng
Using Self-Similarity to Cluster Large Data Sets - D. Barbara and P. Chen
A Taxonomy of Similarity Mechanisms for Case-Based Reasoning - P. Cunningham
Using Case-based Approaches to Analyse Large Datasets: A Comparison of Ragin's fsQCA and Fuzzy Cluster Analysis - B. Cooper and J. Glaesser
A Comparison of Cluster Analysis Techniques within a Sequential Validation Framework - L. Morey, R. Blashfield and H. Skinner
Introduction - David Byrne and Emma Uprichard
Data Mining for Fun and Profit - D. Hand et al
Cluster Analysis using Data Mining Approach to Develop CRM Methodology to Assess the Customer Loyalty - S. Hosseini
Techniques of Cluster Algorithms in Data Mining - J. Grabner and A. Rudolph
Data-Mining Discovery of Pattern and Process in Ecological Systems - M. Wesley et al
Data Mining in Soft Computing Framework: A Survey - Sushmita Mitra, Sankar K. Pal and Pabitra Mitra
Data Mining and Internet Profiling: Emerging Regulatory and Technological Approaches - Ira S. Rubinstein, Ronald D. Lee and P. Schwartz
Statistical Classification Methods in Consumer Credit Scoring: A Review - D. Hand and W. Henley
Data Mining: An Overview from a Database Perspective - Ming-Syan Chen, Jiawei Han and Philip S. Yu
50 Years of Data Mining and OR: Upcoming trends and Challenges - B. Baesens et al
A General Framework for Mining Massive Data Streams - P. Domingos and G. Hulten
Confidence in Classification: A Bayesian Approach - W. Krazanowski et al
Visualization Techniques for Mining Large Databases: A Comparison - Daniel Keim and Kriegel Hans-Peter
Visualization of Fuzzy Clusters by Fuzzy Sammon Mapping Projection: Application to the Analysis of Phase Space Trajectories - B. Feil, B. Balasko and J. Abonyi
Spatial-Temporal Data Mining Procedure: LASR - Xiaofeng Wang
Turning Datamining into a Management Science Tool: New Algorithms and Empirical Results - Lee Cooper and Giovanni Giuffrida
Data Mining of Massive Datasets in Healthcare - C. Goodall
Conclusion - David Byrne and Emma Uprichard
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cluster analysis;classification;data mining;taxonomy