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Critical Management Studies


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VOLUME ONE: CRITICAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES: OVERVIEWS, ORIGINS, DEVELOPMENTS AND DEBATES Origins and Early Developments The Servants of Power - L. Baritz Organizations: A Dialectical View - J.K. Benson Introduction - S. Clegg and D. Dunkerley One-Dimensional Management Science: The Making of a Technocratic Consciousness - T. Tinker and T. Lowe Towards a Critical Management Science - S. Wood and J. Kelly On the Idea of Emancipation in Management and Organization Studies - M. Alvesson and H. Willmott Overviews Critical Theory and Postmodern Approaches to Organizational Studies - M. Alvesson and S. Deetz At the Critical Moment: Conditions and Prospects for Critical Management Studies - V. Fournier and C. Grey, C VOLUME TWO: CRITICAL ORGANIZATION STUDIES Organizational Structure Developing a Field with More Soul: Standpoint Theory and Public Policy Research for Management Scholars - P. Adler and J. Jermier Organizations: From Substance to Image? - M. Alvesson Organized Dissonance: Feminist Bureaucracy as Hybrid Form - K.L. Ashcraft Glass Cages and Glass Palaces: Images of Organizations in Image-Conscious Times - Y. Gabriel Demystifying Organizations - C. Perrow Communication and Unobtrusive Control in Contemporary Organizations - P.K. Tomkins and G. Cheney Organizational Culture Negations and Ambiguities in the Cultures of Organizations - A. Batteau Ideology: Tech Culture Codified and Conclusion - G. Kunda Breakfast at Spiro's: Dramaturgy and dominance - M. Rosen The Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland - J. Van Maanen Strength Is Ignorance; Slavery Is Freedom: Managing Culture in Modern Organizations - H. Willmott Organizational Behaviour Identity Regulation as Organizational Control: Producing the Appropriate Individual - M. Alvesson and H. Willmott Discursive Formations, Strategized Subordination, and Self-Surveillance - S. Deetz Working at a Cynical Distance: Implications for Power, Subjectivity and Resistance - P. Fleming and A. Spicer On Fieldwork in a Habermasian way: Critical Ethnography and the Extra-Ordinary Character of Ordinary Professional Work - J. Forester Ideological Fantasy at Work - J. Glynos Career as a Project of the Self and Labour Process Discipline - C. Grey Looking up and Looking around - R. Jackall Power and Subjectivity at Work: From Degradation to Subjugation in Social Relations - D. Knights and H. Willmott Theorizing Subjectivity in Organizations: The Failure of Foucauldian Studies? - T. Newton Beyond the Surrogate of Motivation - B. Sievers Gender and Ethnicity The Racial Foundation of Organizational Communication - K.L. Ashcraft and B.J. Allen "Engineering Humour": Masculinity, Joking and Conflict in Shop-Floor Relations - D. Collinson Hidden Gendered Assumptions in Mainstream Organization Theory and Research - J. Martin The Emperor Has No Clothes: Rewriting "Race in Organizations" - S. Nkomo Serving Hamburgers and Selling Insurance: Gender, Work and Identity in Interactive Service Jobs - R. Leidner Organizational Democracy and Industrial Relations Corporations, Democracy and the Public Good - S. Barley Whence Democracy? A Review and Critique of the Conceptual Dimensions and Implications of the Business Case for Organizational Democracy - P. Johnson All Quiet on the Workplace Front: A Critique of Recent Trends in British Industrial Sociology - P. Thompson and S. Ackroyd Reflections on the High Performance Paradigm's Implications for Industrial Relations as a Field - J. Godard and J. Delaney VOLUME THREE: MANAGEMENT SUBSPECIALISMS Information Systems Information Systems and Critical Theory - K. Lyytinen Michel Foucault in the Study of ICTs; Critique and Reappraisal - L. Willcocks Operational Research Technical, Practical and Critical OR - Past, Present and Future? - J. Mingers Beyond Methodology Choice: Critical Systems Thinking as Critically Systemic Discourse - W. Ulrich Entrepreneurship 'Against 'Enterprise' (But Not against 'Enterprise', for That Would Make No Sense) - P. Du Gay The Sublime Object of Entrepreneurship - C. Jones and A. Spicer Accounting and Finance Manufacturing Shareholder Value: The Role of Accounting in Organizational Transformation - M. Ezzamel, H. Willmott and F. Worthington Accounting and the Construction of the Governable Person. - P. Miller and T. O'Leary Auditing and the Production of Legitimacy - M. Power Marketing Rethinking Critical Marketing - A. Bradshaw and A. Furat Fiat The Cult(ure) of the Consumer - P. du Gay and G. Salaman The Point of Selling: Capitalism, Consumption and Contradictions - M. Korczynski Marketing and Critique: Prospects and Problems - G. Morgan The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on the Unintended Consequences of Advertising - R. Pollay Environmental Management Greening Organizations: Critical Issues - J.M. Jermier and L.C. Forbes Environmental Management as Political Sustainability - D. Levy Limits to Anthropocentrism: Towards an Ecocentric Organization Paradigm? - R.E. Purser, C. Park and A. Montouri Strategic Management Corporate Strategy, Organizations and Subjectivity: A Critique - D. Knights and G. Morgan Critical Approaches to Strategic Management - D. Levy, M. Alvesson and H. Willmott Human Resource Management Representing People at Work - K. Legge Foucault, Power/Knowledge and Its Relevance for Human Resource Management - B. Townley Critical Management Education Grasping the Nettle: Possibilities and Pitfalls of a Critical Management Pedagogy - M. Reynolds Management Education : Provocations to a Debate - H. Willmott Spinning Disciplines: Critical Management Studies in the Context of the Transformation of Management Education - M. Zald Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - S.B. Banerjee As if Business Ethics were Possible, within Such Limits... - C. Jones Corporate Governance and the Ethics of Narcissus - J. Roberts VOLUME FOUR: DEBATES, (SELF)CRITIQUES AND REFLEXIVITY The Future of Critical Management Studies - M. Alvesson Reflecting on Reflexivity: Reflexive Textual Practices in Organisation and Management Theory - M. Alvesson, C. Hardy and B. Harley Still Servants of Power - A.P. Brief Economics Language and Assumptions: How Theories Can Become Self-Fulfilling - F. Ferraro, J. Pfeffer and R. Sutton Critical Management Studies: Towards a More Mature Politics - C. Grey On Striving to Give a Critical Edge to Critical Management Studies - A. Hopwood Organization Theory in the Age of Deconstruction: Dualism, Gender and Postmodernism Revisited - D. Knights Critical Performativity: The Unfinished Business of Critical Management Studies - A. Spicer, M. Alvesson and D. Karreman Brands, Boundaries and Bandwagons: A Critical Reflection on Critical Management Studies - P. Thompson Theorizing Contemporary Control: Some Poststructuralist Responses to Some Critical Realist Questions - H. Willmott
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