Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Revisiting the Classic Studies


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An Introduction to Classic Studies in Developmental Psychology - Alan M. Slater & Paul C. Quinn Attachment and Early Social Deprivation: Revisiting Harlow's Monkey Studies - Roger Kobak Conditioned Emotional Reactions: Revisiting Watson and Rayner's Little Albert - Thomas H. Ollendick et al Infants on the Edge: Beyond the Visual Cliff - Karen E. Adolph and Kari S. Kretch Revisiting Piaget: A Perspective from Studies of Children's Problem-Solving Abilities - David Klahr Imitation in Infancy: Revisiting Meltzoff and Moore's (1977) Study - Alan M. Slater Object Permanence in Infancy: Revisiting Baillargeon's Drawbridge Study - Denis Mareschal and Jordy Kaufman Children's Eyewitness Memory and Suggestibility: Revisiting Ceci and Bruck's (1993) Review - Kelly McWilliams et al How Much Can We Boost IQ?: An Updated Look at Jensen's (1969) Question and Answer - Wendy Johnson Reading and Spelling: Revisiting Bradley and Bryant's Study - Usha Goswami Theory of Mind and Autism: Revisiting Baron-Cohen et al's Sally-Anne Study - Coralie Chevallier Moral Development: Revisiting Kohlberg's Stages - Gail D. Heyman and Kang Lee Aggression: Revisiting Bandura's Bobo Doll Studies - Jennifer E. Lansford Language Development: Revisiting Eimas et al's /ba/ and /pa/ Study - Richard N. Aslin Resilience in Children: Vintage Rutter and Beyond - Ann S. Masten
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Attachment;Emotional Development;Motor;Perception;Childhood;Child Psychology;Child Development;Infant;Infancy;Piaget;Baron-Cohen;Sally-Ann;Cognitive;Experiment