Doing Your Qualitative Psychology Project

Doing Your Qualitative Psychology Project

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Introduction and Aims of the Book - Cath Sullivan, Stephen Gibson and Sarah Riley Coming up with a Research Question - Kathryn Kinmond Planning and Ethics - Cath Sullivan and Sarah C.E Riley Managing the Project - Sarah C.E Riley and Nigel King Doing a Literature Review - Michael Forrester Collecting Your Data - Siobhan Hugh-Jones and Stephen Gibson Analysing Your Data - Stephen Gibson and Siobhan Hugh-Jones Evaluating Qualitative Research - Nollaig Frost and Kathryn Kinmond Writing up a Qualitative Project - Sarah C.E Riley What Next? - Cath Sullivan Overview and Conclusions: Be a Scholar - Stephen Gibson, Cath Sullivan and Sarah C.E Riley
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qualitative research project;research question;ethics;literature review;collecting data;analysis;evaluating qualitative research;writing up