Early Intervention in Psychosis - A Guide to Concepts, Evidence & Interventions

Early Intervention in Psychosis - A Guide to Concepts, Evidence & Interventions

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About the Editors. List of Contributors. Preface. THE CONCEPT OF EARLY INTERVENTION. The Scope for Preventive Strategies in Early Psychosis: Logic, Evidence and Momentum (P. McGorry). The Critical Period for Early Intervention (M. Birchwood). Psychological Adjustment to Early Psychosis (C. Jackson and Z. Iqbal). Psychological Formulation of Early Episodes of Psychosis: A Cognitive Model (D. Fowler). The Early Development of Expressed Emotion and Burden in the Families of First Onset Psychosis (E. Kuipers and D. Raune). STRATEGIES FOR EARLY INTERVENTION. Can Duration of Untreated Illness be Reduced? (T. Larsen, et al.). Early Intervention in Psychosis: Pharmacotherapeutic Strategies (P. Bebbington). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Early Psychosis (V. Drury). The Treatment of Secondary Morbidity in First-Episode Psychosis (H. Jackson, et al.). Relapse Prevention in Early Psychosis (E. Spencer, et al.). The Early Phase of Psychosis and Schizophrenia: A Critical Period for Patients, Families and the Profession (D. Linszen and M. Birchwood). IMPLEMENTATION. Models of Early Intervention in Psychosis: An Analysis of Service Approaches (J. Edwards, et al.). The IRIS Programme (F. Macmillan and D. Shiers). Creative Journeys of Recovery: A Survivor Perspective (A. Reeves). Early Intervention: The Economic Issues (N. Bosanquet). Index.
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editors; list; contributors; intervention; concept; logic; psychosis; preventive strategies; scope; critical; period; adjustment; psychological; episodes; model; psychological formulation; emotion; burden; families