Early Prediction and Prevention of Child Abuse

Early Prediction and Prevention of Child Abuse

A Handbook

Hamilton-Giachritsis, Catherine; Browne, Kevin D.; Hanks, Helga; Stratton, Peter

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Recognising Changes in Incidence and Prevalence (SusanCreighton);
Predicting Fatal Child Abuse and Neglect (Peter Reder & SylviaDuncan;
Predicting Physical Maltreatment (Catherine Hamilton & KevinBrowne);
Predicting Emotional Child Abuse and Neglect (Danya Glaser &Vivian Prior);
Predicting Sexual Child Abuse and Neglect (Chris Hobbs & JaneWynne);
An Ecological Analysis of the Etiology of Child Maltreatment (JayBelsky & Peter Stratton);
If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Integrity and Fragmentation in theTreatment of Child Abuse and Neglect (Patricia Crittenden);
Educating and Changing Parents: Strengthening the Primary SafetyNet for Children (Deborah Daro);
Promoting Positive Parenting as an Abuse Prevention Strategy(Matthew Sanders and Warren Cann);
Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect with Prenatal and Infancy HomeVisiting by Nurses (David Olds, et al.);
To or for whom: a Social Policy Perspective on Child Abuse andChild Protection (David Gough);
The Traumatic Impact of Abuse Experiences: Treatment Issues (LucyBerliner);
Continuities and Discontinuities in the IntergenerationalTransmission of Child Maltreatment: Implications for Breaking theCycle of Abuse (Byron Egeland, et al.);
The Role of Family Therapy following Physical and Sexual Abuse(Helga Hanks & Peter Stratton);
Helping Emotionally Abused and Neglected Children and AbusiveCarers (Dorota Iwaniec, et al.);
The Contribution of Children's Services to the Protection ofChildren (Roger Bullock & Michael Little);
Preventing the Victim to Offender Cycle (Arnon Bentovim);
Risk Assessment for Offenders (Caroline Friendship & DavidThornton);
Treating Domestic Violent Offenders (Kevin Browne et al.);
Treating Adult Sexual Offenders (Dawn Fisher & TonyBeech);
Conclusion: Future Directions for Child Abuse Prevention (MargaretA Lynch & Kevin Browne)
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