Educational Assessment - A Practical Introduction

Educational Assessment - A Practical Introduction

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Preface. Acknowledgments. To the Students. Chapter 1. Introduction: The World of Educational Assessment. Chapter 2. Statistics: Just a Little Bit. Chapter 3. Reliability: Stability of Performance. Chapter 4. Validity: What the Test Measures. Chapter 5. Norms and Criteria: Interpreting Student Performance. Chapter 6. Planning for Assessment. Chapter 7. Selected-Response Items: Multiple-Choice, True-False, Matching. Chapter 8. Constructed-Response Items: Essays, Performances, Portfolios. Chapter 9. Interests, Creativity, and Non-test Indicators. Chapter 10. Administering and Analyzing Your Tests. Chapter 11. Standardized Tests I: Achievement. Chapter 12. Standardized Tests II: Ability, Interests, Personality. Chapter 13. Grading and Reporting. Chapter 14. Educational Assessment and the Law. Chapter 15. Evaluating Teaching: Applying Assessment to Yourself. Appendixes.
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introduction to education assessments; intro to educational assessment; major concepts in assessing students; issues in educational assessment; field of educational assessment; conduct classroom assessments; understand national testing programs; interpret state testing programs; developments from IDEA; NCLB developments; educational assessment approaches; student assessment planning; legal aspects of education assessment; administering standardized tests; interpret student performance