Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

Sandoe, Kent; Corbitt, Gail; Boykin, Raymond

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Foreword vii

Preface ix

Part One: An Introduction To Enterprise Systems

1. Information Systems, Organizations, and Integration 3

2. Silos, Mousetraps, and Islands: A Chronicle of Information Systems in Organizations 13

3. The Challenge of Integration 37

Part Two: A New Environment For Enterprise Systems

4. Let's Get Horizontal: Toward a Process View of Organization 51

5. The Relentless Distribution of Information Technology 67

6. Data at the Core of the Enterprise 87

7. The Architecture of an Enterprise System 121

Part Three: Building Enterprise Systems

8. Planning for Enterprise Systems 137

9. The Design of Enterprise Systems 153

10. Realizing and Operating Enterprise Systems 173

11. People in Enterprise Systems 189

Part Four: Extending Enterprise Systems

12. Integrating Backward: Extending the Supply Chain 203

13. Integrating Forward: Meeting Demand and Managing Customers 223

14. Integrating Upward: Supporting Managers and Executives 241

Glossary 255

Index 267
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