Evolution of Insect Pests - Patterns of Variation

Evolution of Insect Pests - Patterns of Variation

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Partial table of contents: GENETIC VARIATION AND EVOLUTION. Insect Pests and Evolution (K. Kim). The Spatial Scale of Genetic Variation in Insect Populations (F. Gould). THE NATURE OF GENETIC VARIATION. Habitat--Related Variation and Evolution by Sexual Selection (K. Kaneshiro). Adaptation to Spatial Variation in Habitat: Spatial Effects in Agroecosystems (D. Margolies). ECOLOGY OF INVADING POPULATIONS. Habitat Factors in New Pest Invasions (D. Pimentel). The Evolution of Habitat Preference: Avoidance and Adaptation (M. Rausher). THE PATTERNS OF VARIATION: CASE STUDIES. Diversity and Variation of European Corn Borer Populations (W. Showers). The Role of Demic Adaptation in Colonization and Spread of Scale Insect Populations (L. Hanks & R. Denno). FUTURE PERSPECTIVES. Impact of Intraspecific Variation on Integrated Pest Management (G. Kennedy). Biology of Variations: Epilogue (K. Kim & B. McPheron). Index.
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table; contents genetic; partial; variation; scale; populations; genetic; spatial; insect; f; selection; habitatrelated; adaptation; habitat; agroecosystems; effects; ecology; invading; pest; factors