Experimental Design in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Experimental Design in the Behavioral and Social Sciences

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VOLUME ONE: THE EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH TO BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH PART ONE: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES ON EXPERIMENTS IN THE BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Excerpts from A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, Being a Connected View of the Principles of Evidence and the Methods of Scientific Investigation - John Stuart Mill Rules for the Demonstration of Sociological Proof and Conclusion - Emile Durkheim Design for Social Experiments - F.S. Chapin The Role of Theory in Experimental Psychology - E.G. Boring Social Experiments - Henry Riecken and Robert Boruch The Delayed Birth of Social Experiments - Robert Brown PART TWO: THE NOMOTHETIC-IDIOGRAPHIC DEBATE ON THE NATURE OF BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Concept and Theory Formation in the Social Sciences - Alfred Schutz 'Nomothetic' and 'Idiographic' - James Lamiell Contrasting Windelband's Understanding with Contemporary Usage History in Search of Science - Immanuel Wallerstein Nomothetic Science and Idiographic History in 20th Century Americanist Anthropology - R. Lee Lyman and Michael O'Brien PART THREE: LABORATORY VERSUS NATURAL SETTINGS IN THE BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES The Natural Experiment, Ecology and Culture - M. Freilich Reforms as Experiments - D.T. Campbell Situated Experiments in Organizations - J. Greenberg and E.C. Tomlinson Transplanting the Lab to the Field Improving Causal Inference - T. Dunning Strengths and Limitations of Natural Experiments PART FOUR: CONSTRAINTS ON EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN IN THE BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Cognitive Science - Herbert Simon The Newest Science of the Artificial Social Experiments - H.W. Riecken and R.F. Boruch Economics in the Laboratory - V.L. Smith Experimental Methods in Political Science - Rose McDermott How Hard is Hard Science, How Soft is Soft Science? - L.V. Hedges The Empirical Cumulativeness of Research VOLUME TWO: HYPOTHESIS-TESTING AND INFERENCE IN THE BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES PART ONE: ON THE HISTORY OF HYPOTHESIS-TESTING IN THE BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Sir Ronald Fisher and the Design of Experiments - F. Yates Statistical Methods and Scientific Induction - Ronald Fisher 'Inductive Behavior' as a Basic Concept of Philosophy of Science - J. Neyman The Fisher, Neyman-Pearson Theories of Testing Hypotheses - E.L. Lehmann One Theory or Two? PART TWO: REASONING PROCESSES IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE HYPOTHESIS-TESTING Doing the Impossible - Lola Lopes A Note on Induction and the Experience of Randomness Confirmation, Disconfirmation and Information in Hypothesis-Testing - Joshua Klayman and Young-Won Ha Judging Probable Cause - Hillel Einhorn and Robin Hogarth Statistical Analysis and the Illusion of Objectivity - James Berger and Donald Berry PART THREE: NULL HYPOTHESIS SIGNIFICANCE TESTING IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH The Earth Is Round - Jacob Cohen The 'File Drawer Problem' and Tolerance for Null Results - Robert Rosenthal The Insignificance of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing - Jeff Gill Mindless Statistics - Gerd Gigerenzer What to Believe - John Kruschke Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis PART FOUR: POWER AND EFFECT SIZE IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES HYPOTHESIS-TESTING 'Statistical,' 'Practical', and 'Clinical' - Bruce Thompson How Many Kinds of Significance Do Counselors Need to Consider? A Power Primer - Jacob Cohen Effect Magnitude - Roger Kirk A Different Focus Effect Sizes - R.L. Rosnow and R. Rosenthal Why, When and How to Use Them VOLUME THREE: CONTROLS AND CONFOUNDS IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES EXPERIMENTS PART ONE: SAMPLE SELECTION AND ASSIGNMENT IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Belief in the Law of Small Numbers - Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman Models for Sample Selection Bias - Christopher Winship and Robert Mare Assessing the Case for Social Experiments - James Heckman and Jeffrey Smith Misunderstanding Analysis of Covariance - Gregory Miller and Jean Chapman PART TWO: THE CONTROL GROUP IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Experimentation and Social Interventions - Ann Oakley A Forgotten but Important History Natural and Quasi-Experiments in Economics - Bruce Meyer The Delphi List - Arianne Verhagen et al A Criteria List for Quality Assessment of Randomized Clinical Trials for Conducting Systematic Reviews Developed by Delphi Consensus The Politics of Random Assignment - Judith Gueron Implementing Studies and Affecting Policy PART THREE: GENERALIZABILITY AND EXTERNAL VALIDITY IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS The External Validity of Experiments - Glenn Bracht and Gene Glass Designing Research for Application - Bobby Calder, Lynn Phillip and Alice Tybout External Validity Is More Than Skin Deep - Leonard Berkowitz and Edward Donnerstein Some Answers to Criticisms of Laboratory Experiments The Challenge of Representative Design in Psychology and Economics - Robin Hogarth PART FOUR: EXPECTANCY EFFECTS IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS On the Social Psychology of the Psychological Experiment - with Particular Referent to Demand Characteristics and Their Implications - Martin Orne Was There a Hawthorne Effect? - Stephen Jones Teacher Expectations and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies - Lee Jussim and Kent Harber Knowns and Unknowns, Resolved and Unresolved Controversies Neurobiological Mechanisms of the Placebo Effect - Fabrizio Benedetti et al PART FIVE: CONTEXT AND CAUSALITY IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Some Statistical Problems in Research Design - Leslie Kish Checking the Success of Manipulations in Marketing Experiments - Barbara Perdue and John Summers Unfair Comparisons - William Cooper and Alan Richardson Quality Indicators for Group Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research in Special Education - Russell Gersten et al VOLUME FOUR: DESIGN CHOICES AND FUTURE DRECTIONS IN THE BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES PART ONE: BETWEEN-SUBJECTS VERSUS WITHIN-SUBJECTS DESIGNS IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Experimental Methods and Outcome Evaluation - Michael Mahoney Within-Subjects Designs - Anthony Greenwald To Use or Not to Use? How to Show That 9> 221 - Michael Birnbaum Collect Judgments in a Between-Subjects Design Experimental Methods - Gary Charness, Uri Gneezy and Michael Kuhn Between-Subject and Within-Subject Design PART TWO: MULTIVARIATE DESIGNS IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Definition and Interpretation of Interaction Effects - Ralph Rosnow and Robert Rosenthal The Moderator-Mediator Variable Distinction in Social Psychological Research - Reuben Baron and David Kenny Conceptual, Strategic and Statistical Considerations Establishing a Causal Chain - Steven Spencer, Mark Zanna and Geoffrey Fong Why Experiments Are Often More Effective Than Mediational Analyses in Examining Psychological Processes On the Use of Structural Equation Models in Experimental Designs - R.P. Bagozzi and Youjae Yi PART THREE: MODELING AND SUMMARIZING EXPERIMENTAL DATA IN THE BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Data Analysis - C.M. Judd, G.H. McClelland and S.E. Culhane Continuing Issues in the Everyday Analysis of Psychological Data Inference and Hierarchical Modeling in the Social Sciences - David Draper Understanding Research Synthesis (Meta-Analysis) - Frederick Mosteller and Graham Colditz Meta-Analysis and the Development of Knowledge - Meow Lan Evelyn Chan and Richard Arvey PART FOUR: ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Ethics of Intervention in Human Psychological Research - with Special Reference to Stanford Prison Experiment - Philip Zimbardo Science and Ethics in Conducting, Analyzing and Reporting Psychological Research - Robert Rosenthal Reflections and Recommendations on Research Ethics in Developing Countries - S.R. Benatar Neurobiology of Intelligence - Jeremy Gray and Paul Thompson Science and Ethics PART FIVE: PROGRESS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS IN BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Innovations in Experimental Design in Attitude Surveys - Paul Sniderman and Douglas Grob Human Research and Data Collection via the Internet - Michael Birnbaum Mixed-Methods Research Designs in Counseling Psychology - William Hanson et al The Growth and Development of Experimental Research in Political Science - James Druckman et al Lab Experiments for the Study of Social-Ecological Systems - Marco Janssen et al
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