Financial Modeling Using C++ + Website

Financial Modeling Using C++ + Website

Sengupta, C

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Chapter 1 . Introduction . Part I. Essential C++. Chapter 2. Overview of Programming and C++. Chapter 3. A First Look at C++. Chapter 4. Variables, Constants, and Arrays. Chapter 5. Operators. Chapter 6. Inputs and Outputs. Chapter 7. Program Flow Control: Branching. Chapter 8. Program Flow Control: Looping. Chapter 9. Functions. Chapter 10. Strings. Chapter 11. Pointers. Chapter 12. Debugging. Part II. Modeling Using Essential C++. Chapter 13. The Model Development Process. Chapter 14. Time Value of Money. Chapter 15. Options and the Black-Scholes Model. Chapter 16. Binomial Trees. Chapter 17. Simulations. Part III. Modeling Using Advanced C++. Chapter 18. Overview of Advanced C++. Chapter 19. Class and Encapsulation. Chapter 20. Inheritance. Chapter 21. Polymorphism. Chapter 22. Templates and Vectors. Appendix A. C++ Keywords. Appendix B. Selected Standard Library Functions. Recommended Books.
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