Focus Group Research

Focus Group Research

Walden, Graham R.

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Definitions, Characteristics and Overview Studies
Focus Group Interview - Charles Basch
An Underutilized Research Technique for Improving Theory and Practice in Health Education
Focus Groups - Peggy Yuhas Byers and James Wilcox
A Qualitative Opportunity for Researchers
The Method Is the Message - Michael Delli Carpini and Bruce Williams
Focus Groups as a Method of Social, Psychological and Political Inquiry
Focus Groups - David Morgan and Margaret Spanish
A New Tool for Qualitative Research
Focus Groups - David Morgan
Focus Group Methodology - Sue Wilkinson
A Review
The Validity and Reliability of Focus Groups as a Research Method in Adult Education - Nicoleta Chioncel et al
Terminology and Typology
The Group-Depth Interview - Alfred Goldman
The Group Interview in Social Research - James Frey and Andrea Fontana
A Rose by Any Other Name May Smell as Sweet but 'Group Discussion' Is not Another Name for a 'Focus Group' nor Should It Be - Clive Boddy
Historical Context
The Group Interview - Emory Bogardus
The Focused Interview - Robert Merton and Patricia Kendall
The Focused Interview and Focus Groups - Robert Merton
Continuities and Discontinuities
Conducting Focus Group Sessions - Evelyn Folch-Lyon and John Trost
Making Sense of Focus Groups - Rosaline Barbour
The Secret Life of Focus Groups - Raymond Lee
Robert Merton and the Diffusion of a Research Method
Research Applications
'It's Good to Talk' - Alan Johnson
The Focus Group and the Sociological Imagination
Focus Groups - George Kamberelis and Greg Dimitriadis
Strategic Articulations of Pedagogy, Politics and Inquiry
Strengths and Limitations
The Learning Curve - Ian Mansell et al
The Advantages and Disadvantages in the Use of Focus Groups as a Method of Data Collection
The Focus Group Interview - Debbie Ho
Rising to the Challenge in Qualitative Research Methodology
Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks
Focus Groups and the Nature of Qualitative Marketing Research - Bobby Calder
Theorizing Subjects and Subject Matter in Focus Group Research - Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Anne Kerr and Stephen Pavis
'Best Practice' in Focus Group Research - Tim Freeman
Making Sense of Different Views
A Review of the Use and Potential of Focus Groups in Social Work Research - Donald Linhorst
The Analysis of Focus Groups in Published Research Articles - Geoffrey Wiggins
Qualitative Sample Extensiveness in Health Education Research - Rachel Safman and Jeffery Sobal
Group Interviews in Primary Care Research - Peter Twohig and Wayne Putnam
Advancing the State of the Art or Ritualized Research?
Literature Review - Elizabeth Halcomb et al
Considerations in Undertaking Focus Group Research with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Groups
Assessing Educational Effectiveness - Linda Costigan Lederman
The Focus Group Interview as a Technique for Data Collection
Collecting and Analyzing Qualitative Data - Julius Sim
Issues Raised by the Focus Group
Focus Group Method and Methodology - Andrew Parker and Jonathan Tritter
Current Practice and Recent Debate
Focus Groups and Methodological Reflections - Jonathan Woodring et al
Conscientious Flexibility in the Field
Using Focus Groups to Facilitate Culturally Anchored Research - Diane Hughes and Kimberly DuMont
Multicultural Issues in Qualitative Research - Jeffrey Nevid and Nelly Sta. Maria
Conducting Effective Focus Groups in the Context of Diversity - Janice Dreachslin
Theoretical Underpinnings and Practical Implications
The Design and Analysis of Focus Group Studies - John Knodel
A Practical Approach
Sampling and Recruiting Participants
Planning and Recruiting the Sample for Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews - Colin MacDougall and Elizabeth Fudge
Group Composition, Group Size and Number of Groups
Crossing Multidisciplinary Divides - Emma Clavering and Janice McLaughlin
Exploring Professional Hierarchies and Boundaries in Focus Groups
The Use of Focus Groups for Idea Generation - Edward Fern
The Effects of Group Size, Acquaintanceship and Moderator on Response Quantity and Quality
How Acquaintanceship and Analyst Can Influence Focus Group Results - James Nelson and Nancy Frontczak
Small Is Not too Small - Jean Toner
Reflections Concerning the Validity of Very Small Focus Groups (VSFGs)
Question Design and Interview Schedule Construction
Asking Elaborate Questions - Claudia Puchta and Jonathan Potter
Focus Groups and the Management of Spontaneity
Manufacturing Individual Opinions - Claudia Puchta and Jonathan Potter
Market Research Focus Groups and the Discursive Psychology of Evaluation
A Market of Opinions - Javier Lezaun
The Political Epistemology of Focus Groups
Using and Analyzing Focus Groups - Janet Smithson
Limitations and Possibilities
Interviewing the Moderator - Janine Morgall Traulsen, Anna Birna Almarsdottir and Ingunn Bjornsdottir
An Ancillary Method to Focus Groups
Analyzing the Data
Getting the Focus and the Group - Pamela Kidd and Mark Parshall
Enhancing Analytical Rigor in Focus Group Research
Video Review - Marla Clayman et al
An Alternative to Coding Transcripts of Focus Groups
Focus Groups in Feminist Research - Sue Wilkinson
Power, Interaction and the Co-Construction of Meaning
What about Focus Group Interaction Data? - Wendy Duggleby
'It Was Fun... but We Don't Usually Talk about These Things' - Deborah Warr
Analyzing Sociable Interaction in Focus Groups
Maximizing Results with Focus Groups - Dianne Morrison-Beedy, Denise Cote-Arsenault and Nancy Fischbeck Feinstein
Moderator and Analysis Issues
Who's Talking - Lars-Christer Hyden and Paul B low
Drawing Conclusions from Focus Groups - Some Methodological Considerations
Focus Groups and Ethnography - Michael Agar and James MacDonald
Just Say No? The Use of Conversation Analysis in Developing a Feminist Perspective on Sexual Refusal - Celia Kitzinger and Hannah Frith
Consolidated Criteria for Reporting Qualitative Research (COREQ) - Allison Tong, Peter Sainsbury and Jonathan Craig
A 32-Item Checklist for Interviews and Focus Groups
Focus Group Research - Roxanne McDaniel and Carole Ann Bach
The Question of Scientific Rigor
Focus Groups in Psychological Assessment - Dawne Vogt, Daniel King and Lynda King
Enhancing Content Validity by Consulting Members of the Target Population
Analyzing Interactional Contexts in a Data-Sharing Focus Group - Jamie Murdoch, Fiona Poland and Charlotte Salter
Focusing on Sex - Hannah Frith
Using Focus Groups in Sex Research
Displaying Opinions - Greg Myers
Topics and Disagreement in Focus Groups
Focus Group Research and 'the Patient's View' - Pascale Lehoux, Blake Poland and Genevieve Daudelin
A Conceptual Overview of the Self-Presentational Concerns and Response Tendencies of Focus Group Participants - David Wooten and Americus Reed II
The Effects of Interaction on Consumers' Attitudes in Focus Groups - Terry Bristol and Edward Fern
Focus Groups as Sites of Influential Interaction - Theodore Zorn et al
Building Communicative Self-Efficacy and Effecting Attitudinal Change in Discussing Controversial Topics
'From the Heart of My Bottom' - Clare Wilkinson, Charlotte Rees and Lynn Knight
Negotiating Humor in Focus Group Discussions
The Social Contexts of Focus Groups - Jocelyn Hollander
The Devil's Advocate - Colin MacDougall and Frances Baum
A Strategy to Avoid Groupthink and Stimulate Discussion in Focus Groups
The Methodology of Focus Groups - Jenny Kitzinger
The Importance of Interaction between Research Participants
Telephone Focus Groups
Telephone Focus Groups - Crystale Purvis Cooper, Cynthia Jorgensen and Tracie Merritt
An Emerging Method in Public Health Research
Online Focus Groups
Online Focus Groups - Ted Gaiser
Online Focus Groups - Donna Reid and Fraser Reid
An In-Depth Comparison of Computer-Mediated and Conventional Focus Group Discussions
A Critical Comparison of Offline Focus Groups, Online Focus Groups and E-Delphi - Elisabeth Br ggen and Pieter Willems
Researching Online Populations - Kate Stewart and Matthew Williams
The Use of Online Focus Groups for Social Research
Toward a Theory of Technique for Online Focus Groups - Albino Claudio Bosio, Guendalina Graffigna and Edoardo Lozza
Using Message Boards to Conduct Online Focus Groups - David Deggs, Kenda Grover and Kit Kacirek
Una Mujer Trabaja Doble Aqui - Michele Easter et al
Vignette-Based Focus Groups on Stress and Work for Latina Blue-Collar Women in Eastern North Carolina
Towards an Understanding of British Public Attitudes Concerning Human Cloning - Richard Shepherd et al
Play-Acting and Focus Troupes - Steve Sato and Tony Salvador
Theater Techniques for Creating Quick, Intense, Immersive and Engaging Focus Group Sessions
The Indirect Approach of Semi-Focused Groups - Frederic Bill and Lena Olaison
Expanding Focus Group Research through Role-Playing
The Impact of Simulation on People Who Act as Simulated Patients - Lonneke Bokken, Jan van Dalen and Jan-Joost Rethans
A Focus Group Study
Women's Stories - Clo Mingo, Carla Herman and Marla Jasperse
Ethnic Variations in Women's Attitudes and Experiences of Menopause, Hysterectomy and Hormone Replacement Therapy
Seeing the Person behind the Patient - Amanda Clarke, Elizabeth Jane Hanson and Helen Ross
Enhancing the Care of Older People Using a Biographical Approach
'It Was Fun... I Liked Drawing My Thoughts' - Felice Yuen
Using Drawings as a Part of the Focus Group Process with Children
Repeat Receipts
Repeat Receipts - Claudia Puchta, Jonathan Potter and Stephan Wolff
A Device for Generating Visible Data in Market Research Focus Groups
Poetic Transcription
Nurturing Dialogic Hermeneutics and the Deliberative Capacities of Communities in Focus Groups - Melissa Freeman
Concept Boards
Concept Evaluation in Focus Groups - Radan Martinec
Semantic Fields and Evaluative Strategies
The Practical, Methodological and Ethical Dilemmas of Conducting Focus Groups with Vulnerable Clients - Sara Owen
Future Directions for Focus Groups - David Morgan
The Future of Focus Groups - Richard Krueger
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