Forest Ecology 4e

Forest Ecology 4e

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Concepts of Forest Ecology. ECOSYSTEMS AT MULTIPLE SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL SCALES. Landscape Ecosystems at Multiple Spatial Scales. Long--Term Ecosystem and Vegetation Change. THE FOREST TREE. Forest Tree Variation. Regeneration Ecology. Structure and Growth. THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT. Climate. Light. Temperature. Physiography. Soil. Fire. Site Quality and Ecosystem Evaluation. FOREST COMMUNITIES. Animals. Forest Communities. FOREST ECOSYSTEM DYNAMICS. Disturbance. Forest Succession. Carbon Balance of Trees and Ecosystems. Nutrient Cycling. Diversity. Landscape Ecology. FORESTS OF THE WORLD. Forest of the World. Literature Cited. Scientific Names of Trees and Shrubs. Index.
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concepts; forest ecology; ecosystems; scales; multiple; regeneration; physical; site; communities; balance; trees; carbon; nutrient; world; forests; forest; names; scientific; teachers; researchers