Forest School for All

Forest School for All

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Introduction: Setting the Scene - Sara Knight PART ONE: NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL-BASED FOREST SCHOOL Breaking through Concrete: The Emergence of Forest School in London - Katherine Milchem Forest School: A Whole-School Approach - Clare Lamb Developing Practice and Delivering a Forest School Programme for Children Identified as Gifted and Talented - Tracey Maciver Using Forest School to Make the Transition to High School - Alisdair Horning PART TWO: FOREST SCHOOL, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS Supporting Emotional and Social Development in Forest School with Adolescents - Clare Neenan with Sara Knight Forest School: An Alternative Curriculum - Ross Evans Learning from Working with Disaffected Year 10 Pupils - Rich Sylvester Maintaining the Forest School Ethos while Working with 14 to 19-Year-Old Boys - Jon Cree PART THREE: FOREST SCHOOL AND YOUNG PEOPLE WITH PARTICULAR NEEDS Removing Barriers: Getting Children with Physical Challenges into the Woods - Fiona Hopkins SEALs in the Woods! - Xavier Elonquin and Tina Hutchinson Forest School and Looked-after Children - Rebecca Wicks Autism, Art and Nature as Relational Aspects of Forest School - Kevin Burrows PART FOUR: USING FOREST SCHOOL STRATEGICALLY Addicts and Forest School - Mike Brady Forest School for Families - Lucy Partridge and Wendy Taylor Forest School Countywide: A Norfolk Perspective - Louise Ambrose Edinburgh's Forest School Partnership Project 'Building Local Capacity' - Jenny Watters Conclusion - Sara Knight
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