Genetic Testing - Care, Consent and Liability

Genetic Testing - Care, Consent and Liability

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Contributors. Foreword. 1. Genetic Counseling and the Physician-Patient Relationship. 2. Communication. 3. Psychological Aspects. 4. Duty of Care. 5. Family History. 6. Referral and Diagnosis. 7. Informed Consent. 8. Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis. 9. Genetics of Common Neurological Disorders. 10. Newborn and Carrier Screening. 11. Susceptibility Testing. 12. Test Samples and Laboratory Protocols. 13. Risk Assessment. 14. Test Results: Communication and Counseling. 15. Confidentiality, Disclosure, and Recontact. Appendix 1: New Genetics and the Protection of Information. Appendix 2: Web Resources. References. Index.
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