Geomorphology, Human Activity and Global Environmental Change

Geomorphology, Human Activity and Global Environmental Change

Slaymaker, Olav

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Preface and Acknowledgements

Section A Introduction

1. Global Environmental Change: The Global Agenda (by Olav Slaymaker)

Section B Tectonics, Sea Level and Climate Forcing


2. Glacial Landforms in Taiwan and a Reinterpretation of the Last Glacial Snowline Depression (by Margot Boese)

3. The Effects of Relative Sea Level Changes on the Coastal Morphology of Southern Apulia (Italy) during the Holocene (by Michela Dini, Giuseppe Mastronuzzi and Paolo Sanso)

4. Estimating Pleistocene Tectonic Uplift Rates in the Southeastern Apennines (Italy) from Erosional Land Surfaces and Marine Terraces (by Annalisa Amato)

Section C Regional Hydrologic and Lacustrine Impacts of Global Environmental Change


5. Slope-Channel Linkage as a Control on Geomorphic Sensitivity in Alpine Basins, Cascade Mountains, British Columbia (by Martin Evans)

6. A Holocene Debris-Flow Chronology for an Alpine Catchment, Colorado Front Range (by Brian Menounos)

7. Holocene Paleoenvironments in Central Spain Reconstructed by Sedimentological Investigation of Playa Lake Systems (by Brigitta Schuett)

8. Rainfall Increase, Land Use and Morphodynamic Changes in Northwestern Argentina as Indicators of the Effects of Future Climatic Changes (by J.M. Sayago and M. Toledo)

9. Some Considerations Regarding Climatic Change and Specific Erosion in Central Italy (by Walter Dragoni and Daniela Valigi)

Section D Human Activity and Global Environmental Change


10. Sensitivity of Fluvial Systems to Climate Change and Human Impact: A Case Study from Central Europe (by Monika Igl, Roland Maeusbacher, Heike Schneider and Jussi Baade)

11. Geomorphological Change on the Tsengwen Coastal Plain in Southwestern Taiwan (by Jul-Chin Chang)

12. Environmental Impact of Land Use Change in the Inner Alentejo (Portugal) in the 20th century (by Denise de Brum Ferreira)

13. Classification of Spatial and Temporal Changes to a Developed Barrier Island, Seven Mile Beach, New Jersey, USA (by Nancy L. Jackson, Karl F. Nordstrom, Michael S. Bruno and Valerie L. Spalding)

14. Impact of Human Activities on Geomorphic Processes in the Almora Region, Central Himalaya, India (by J.S. Rawat, Geeta Rawat and S.P. Rai)

Section E Conclusion

15. Reflections on the Actual and Potential Role of Geomorphology in Global Environmental Change Research (by Olav Slaymaker)

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