Handbook of Clinical Psychology V 2 - Children and Adolescents

Handbook of Clinical Psychology V 2 - Children and Adolescents

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Part I. General Issues. 1. Historical Perspectives. 2. Clinical Training. 3. Professional Practice. 4. Ethical and Legal Issues. 5. Professional Roles. Part II. Theoretical Models. 6. Psychodynamic. 7. Family Systems. 8. Applied Behavior Analysis. 9. Cognitive-Behavioral Theory. Part III. Research Contributions. 10. Statistical Considerations: Moderators and Mediators. 11. Single Case Research Designs. 12. Personality in Childhood and Adolescence. 13. Treatment Research. Part IV. Diagnosis and Evaluation. 14. Assessment, Diagnosis, Nosology, and Taxonomy of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology. 15. Diagnostic Interviewing. 16. Intellectual Assessment. 17. Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluation. 18. Assessment of Psychopathology. 19. Behavioral Assessment. Part V. Treatment. 20. Play Therapy. 21. Behavior Modification. 22. Parent Training. 23. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment. 24. Primary Care Behavioral Pediatrics. 25. Peer Intervention. Part VI. Special Issues. 26. Cultural Issues. 27. Divorce and Custody. 28. Child Maltreatment. 29. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Developmental Disabilities. 30. Parental Psychopathology and its Relation of Psychopathology in Children. 31. Problems in Infancy. 32. Psychopharmacology as Practiced by Psychologists.
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historical; contributors; part; ix; perspectives; joseph; debora; professional; daniel; practice; luebbe; mantell; david mark; johnson; models; reader; sandra; psychodynamic; theoretical; p; russ family systems; sullivan; behavior