Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 2

Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume 2

Children and Adolescents

Gross, Alan M.; Hersen, Michel

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Preface ix

Contributors xi

PART I General Issues

1 Historical Perspectives 3
Thomas R. Kratochwill, Richard J. Morris, and Joseph Robinson

2 Clinical Training 39
Debora J. Bell and Aaron M. Luebbe

3 Professional Practice 74
Daniel B. Chorney and Tracy L. Morris

4 Ethical and Legal Issues 94
David Mark Mantell

5 Professional Roles 138
James H. Johnson, David M. Janicke, and Steven K. Reader

PART II Theoretical Models

6 Psychodynamic 173
Sandra W. Russ

7 Family Systems 192
James P. McHale and Matthew J. Sullivan

8 Applied Behavior Analysis 227
Amy R. Murrell, Cicely Taravella LaBorde, Audra L. Crutchfield, and Jessica Madrigal-Bauguss

9 Cognitive-Behavioral Theory 263
Stephen D. A. Hupp, David Reitman, and Jeremy D. Jewell

PART III Research Contributions

10 Statistical Considerations: Moderators and Mediators 291
Barbara Jandasek, Grayson N. Holmbeck, and Brigid M. Rose

11 Single-Case Research Designs 322
Kurt A. Freeman and Eric J. Mash

12 Personality in Childhood and Adolescence 351
Randall T. Salekin and Courey A. Averett

13 Treatment Research 386
Mark D. Rapport, Michael J.Kofler, Jennifer Bolden, and Dustin E. Sarver

PART IV Diagnosis and Evaluation

14 Assessment, Diagnosis, Nosology, and Taxonomy of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 429
Thomas M. Achenbach

15 Diagnostic Interviewing 458
Amie Grills-Taquechel and Thomas H. Ollendick

16 Intellectual Assessment 480
Lloyd A. Taylor, Cara B. Reeves, and Erin Jeffords

17 Pediatric Neuropsychological Evaluation 497
Leslie D. Berkelhammer

18 Assessment of Psychopathology 520
Stefan E. Schulenberg, Jessica T. Kaster, Carrie Nassif, and Erika K. Johnson-Jimenez

19 Behavioral Assessment 551
Christopher A. Kearney, L. Caitlin Cook, Adrianna Wechsler, Courtney M. Haight, and Stephanie Stowman

PART V Treatment

20 Play Therapy 577
Sue C. Bratton, Dee Ray, and Garry Landreth

21 Behavior Modification 626
Raymond G. Miltenberger

22 Parent Training 653
Mark W. Roberts

23 Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment 694
Lisa W. Coyne, Angela M. Burke, and Jennifer B. Freeman

24 Primary Care Behavioral Pediatrics 728
Patrick C. Friman

25 Peer Intervention 759
Michelle S. Rivera and Douglas W. Nangle

PART VI Special Issues

26 Cultural Issues 789
Laura Johnson and Christina Tucker

27 Divorce and Custody 833
Shannon M. Greene, Kate Sullivan, and Edward R. Anderson

28 Child Maltreatment 856
Christine Wekerle, Harriet L. MacMillan, Eman Leung, and Ellen Jamieson

29 Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Developmental Disabilities 904
Jennifer M. Gillis and Raymond G. Romanczyk

30 Parental Psychopathology and Its Relation to Child Psychopathology 937
Sherryl H. Goodman and Sarah R. Brand

31 Problems in Infancy 966
Tiffany Field

32 Psychopharmacology as Practiced by Psychologists 1012
Alan Poling, Kristal Ehrhardt, and Matthew Porritt

Author Index 1039

Subject Index 1081
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