Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children Adolescents - Intervention in the Real World Context

Handbook of Prevention and Treatment with Children Adolescents - Intervention in the Real World Context

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PART ONE: INTRODUCTION. Prevention and Treatment with Children and Adolescents in the Real World Context (R. Ammerman and M. Hersen). PART TWO: GENERAL ISSUES. Children in Poverty (R. Bradley and L. Whiteside-Maxwell). Children and the Community (F. Barry and J. Garbarino). PART THREE: INTERVENTION FORMATS AND SETTINGS. Individual and Group Interventions (C. Larroque and R. Hendren). Residential Services for Children and Adolescents (S. Spreat and R. Jampol). Interventions in the School and Community (G. Bogat and L. Jason). PART FOUR: PREVENTIVE INTERVENTIONS. Early Intervention with Young At-Risk Children and Their Families (C. Dunst and C. Trivette). Smoking (J. Elder, et al.). Substance Use and Abuse (J. Hawkins, et al.). Conduct Disorders and Antisocial Behavior (R. Prinz and C. Connell). Mental Health (E. Dubow, et al.). Health Promotion (C. Johnson, et al.). Unintentional Injury and Child Abuse and Neglect (D. Brown and L. Peterson). Sexual Abuse (S. Wurtele). AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S. Schinke and K. Cole). PART FIVE: TREATMENT INTERVENTIONS. Depressive Disorders (L. Mufson and D. Moreau). Anxiety Disorders (L. Hagopian and T. Ollendick). Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder (M. DeBellis). Mental Retardation and Developmental Disorders (G. Watson and A. Gross). Conduct Disorder (M. Dadds). Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (A. Anastopoulos). Eating Disorders (J. Mizes and T. Palermo). Substance-Related Disorders (J. Westermeyer). Author Index. Subject Index.
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