Highly Available Storage for Windows Servers

Highly Available Storage for Windows Servers

Massiglia, Paul

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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A how-to guide for online storage management with Windows 2000. It provides a tutorial on principles of managed online storage. It takes you through the basics of how to manage your disks and RAID arrays in Windows 2000 server environment.
Acknowledgments. Foreword. PART I: DISK STORAGE ARCHITECTURE. Disk Storage Basics. Volumes. Volumes that are Not Failure Tolerant. Failure Tolerant Volumes: Mirroring and RAID. PART II: VOLUMES MANAGEMENT FOR WINDOWS SERVERS.Disks and Volumes in Windows 2000. Host Based Volumes in Windows Servers. Basic Volumes. Advanced Volumes. More Volume Management. MultiPath Data Access. Managing Hardware Disk Arrays. Managing Volumes in Clusters. Data Replication: Managing Storage Over Distance. Windows Online Storage Recommendations. Appendix 1: Disk and Volume States. Appendix 2: Recommendations at a Glance. Glossary of Storage Terminology. Index.
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