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Hospitality Management

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VOLUME ONE: THE IDEA OF HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT: PAST AND PRESENT PERSPECTIVES Theory in Hospitality Management - P. Nailon Defining the Hospitality Discipline: A Discussion of Pedagogical and Research Implications - M. Ottenbacher, M. Harrington and H. Parsa Towards a Definitive View of the Nature of Hospitality and Hospitality Management - B. Brotherton Hospitality Studies and Hospitality Management: A Symbiotic Relationship - A. Morrison and K. O'Gorman Towards a New Interpretation of Hospitality - D. O'Connor Finding the Hospitality Industry - P. Slattery Sociological Impressionism in a Hospitality Context - P. Lynch Modern Hospitality: Lessons from the Past - K.D. O'Gorman The Idea of Hospitality in Early Modern England - F. Heal Love thy Neighbour? Differentiation and Agglomeration in the Manhattan Hotel Industry, 1898-1990 - J. Baum and H. Haveman The Blackpool Landlady revisited - J.K. Walton A Service Machine: Hotel Guests and the Development of an Early Twentieth-Century Building Type - L.P. Davidson The Hotel and the City - D. McNeill The Shophouse Hotel: Vernacular Heritage in a Creative City - T.C. Chang and P. Teo Towards a Theory of Intra-urban Hotel Location - D. Egan and K. Nield Hospitality Spaces, Hospitable Moments: Consumer Encounters and Affective Experiences in Commercial Settings - P. Lugosi VOLUME TWO: THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: STRUCTURES, STRATEGIES AND MARKETS International Hotel Development - R. Smith Multinational Corporations in the International Hotel Industry - J. Dunning and M. McQueen From Globalization to Internationalization to Americanization: The Example of Little Americas in the Hotel Sector - D. Nickson and C. Warhurst Internationalization of U.S Multinational Hotel Companies: Expansion to Asia versus Europe - S. Lee Research in Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry - M. Olsen and A. Roper Choice between Non-Equity Entry Modes: An Organizational Capability Perspective - M. Krishna Erramilli, S. Agarwal and C. Dev Stock Market Reactions to Entry Mode Choices of Multinational Hotel Firms - N. Graf Hotel Management Contracts: Past and Present - J. Deroos Real Estate Investment Trusts: Performance, Recent Findings, and Future Directions - P. Liu Hotel Brand Strategy - J. O'Neill and A. Mattila Post-Merger Stock Performance of Acquiring Hospitality Firms - J. Yang Hotel Reform in China: A SWOT Analysis - L. Yu and G. Huimin China's Hotel Industry: Serving a Massive Market - R. Pine The Future of Small Firms in the Hospitality Industry - A. Morrison and R. Thomas Economic Impact and Institutional Dynamics of Small Hotels in Tanzania - A. Sharma A Descriptive Examination of Corporate Governance in the Hospitality Industry - B.D. Guillet and A. Mattila Going Green: Decisional Factors in Small Hospitality Operations - N. Tzschentke, D. Kirk and P. Lynch Customer Loyalty: The Future of Hospitality Marketing - S. Shoemaker and R. Lewis Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: Fantasy, Feeling and Fun - A. Williams Exploring Chinese Cultural Influences and Hospitality Marketing Relationships - D. Gilbert and J. Tsao E-mail Marketing by International Hotel Chains: An Industry-Practices Update - P. O'Connor VOLUME THREE: THE MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE AND SERVICE IN HOSPITALITY Down and out in Paris and London - G. Orwell The Human Dimension: A Review of Human Resources Management Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry - S. Kusluvan, et al Managing Flexible Working In Hotels - Y. Guerrier and A.J. Lockwood Gender and Labour Flexibility in Hotel and Catering - P. Bagguley Transience and the Postmodern Self: The Geographic Mobility of Resort Workers - P.A. Adler and P. Adler The Valuation of Skill and the Configuration of HRM - M. Riley and E. Szivas The Social Construction of Skills: A Hospitality Sector Perspective - T. Baum Food and Beverage Management: A Review of Change - M. Riley Producing the Superior Self: Strategic Comparison and Symbolic Boundaries Among Luxury Hotel Workers - R. Sherman Employee Experience of Aesthetic Labour in Retail and Hospitality - C. Warhurst and D. Nickson The Impact of HRM Practices on Organisational Performance in the Indian Hotel Industry - M. Chand and A. Katou No Plantation Work Here: Contemporary HR Practices in Caribbean Hotels - A. Crick Human Resource Systems in Kenya: A Case Study of Hotel Human Resources Performance - F. Onyango and R. Okech Human Resource Management and Performance in the UK Hotel Industry - K. Hoque Changing Patterns of HRM and Employment Relations in New Zealand: The Large Hotel Industry - P. Haynes and G. Fryer Organizational Flexibility and HRM in the Hotel Industry: Evidence from Australia - A. Knox and J. Walsh Towards an Understanding of Employee Empowerment in Hospitality Services - C. Lashley The Impact of Hotel Management Contracting on IHRM Practices: Understanding the Bricks and Brains Split - J. Gannon, A. Roper and L. Doherty Analysing Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry Using the SERVQUAL Model - F. Saleh and C. Ryan Service Quality in the Hotel Industry: When Cultural Contexts Matter - E. Tse and S.C. Ho The Role of Culture in the Service Evaluation Process - A. Mattila Does National Culture Really Matter? Hotel Service Perceptions by Taiwan and American Tourists - A.T. Hsieh and C.W. Tsai The Role of Internal Branding in the Delivery of Employee Brand Promise - K. Punjaisri and A. Wilson VOLUME FOUR: MANAGEMENT OF HOSPITALITY'S TANGIBLE RESOURCES: OPERATIONS, ASSETS AND FINANCE Operations Management Research in the Hospitality Industry - P. Jones and A. Lockwood Measuring the Performance of Hotel Operations - C. Parkan Productivity in Hotels: A Stepwise Data Envelopment Analysis of Hotels' Rooms Division Processes - M. Sigala, et al The Physical Safety and Security Features of U.S. Hotels - C. Enz Environmental Management in Hotels - D. Kirk The Compelling Hard Case for Green Hotel Development - J. Butler Restaurant Profitability Management: The Evolution of Restaurant Revenue Management - G. Thompson Hotel Owner/Operator Structures: Implications for Capital Budgeting Process - C. Guilding Growth Accounting for Hotel and Restaurant Industries - E. Smeral Attracting Hotel Investment: Insights from Principal-Agent Theory - T. Baum and R. Mudambi Factors Influencing Hotel Investment Decision-Making - G. Newell and R. Seabrook Hotel Investment Risk: What Are the Chances? - E. Younes and R. Kett Impacts of Positive and Negative Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on Company Performance in the Hospitality Industry - K.H. Kang, S. Lee and C. Huh Improving Hospitality Industry Sales: 25 Years of Revenue Management - C. Anderson and X. Xie Improving Hotel Budgetary Practice: A Positive Theory Model - T. Jones An Empirical Analysis of Oligopolistic Hotel Pricing - T. Baum and R. Mudambi An Institutional Explanation and Model of the Factors Influencing Room Rate Pricing Decisions in the Irish Hotel Industry - R. Mattimoe Financial Rewards for Social Responsibility: A Mixed Picture for Restaurant Companies - S.Y. Park and S. Lee Responding to Crisis: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Hotels in Singapore - J. Henderson and A. Ngo
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