I Can't Do That!

I Can't Do That!

My Social Stories to Help with Communication, Self-Care and Personal Skills

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How to Use this Book How to Use a Social Story Writing Your Own Stories PART ONE: ME AND MY BODY STORIES 1-12 Smelly Pants Wiping my Bottom I Like To Feel Safe in the Toilet When I Go To The Toilet I Get Worried About Going to the Toilet Taking My Clothes Off I Used To Like Sucking My Thumb Spitting at People is Wrong I Sneeze A Lot! Making Noises with my Body Upsets People Why Do I Have To Keep Clean and Tidy? When is it OK to Touch my Body? PART TWO: HOME ROUTINES STORIES 13-19 I Can Sleep By Myself What I Do in the Night Time When I Go Home From School Crossing the Road I Like To Go Out in the Car Why We Have Traffic Lights I Like Collecting Money! PART THREE: EATING HABITS STORIES 20-25 When Should I Eat? How Much Should I Eat? I Need to Get Fitter Why We Eat Oranges I Can Choose Different Meals I Like Sweet Things! PART FOUR: MY FEELINGS STORIES 26-33 I Want It Now! Why Do They Wind Me Up? I Need to Have Time Out Sometimes I Get Told Off Swearing What Happens When I Don't Want To Do It? Why We Have School Rules What Happens When I Lose? PART FIVE:SOCIAL SKILLS STORIES 34-52 Who's That Sitting In My Chair? Having a Chat I Like Putting my Hand Up Mucking About! What Do People Talk About? Who Can I Touch? Good Touching and Bad Touching I Like To Sit Close Why I Shouldn't....Hitting, Nipping, Squeezing and Scratching I Will Try Not To Keep Butting In I Keep Calling Out The Answers Nobody Will Steal My Things When I Meet People I Like Looking into My Friends' Classrooms Why I Shouldn't Take Things That Don't Belong to Me Why Do People Praise Me? Throwing Things is Not Safe Working with Other People In My School We Are All Different PART SIX: PLAY AND FRIENDSHIP STORIES 53-58 Sharing My Stuff with Friends I Want Someone to Play With I Can Have More Than One Friend Finding a Friend Playtime Sharing the Toys PART SEVEN: SCHOOL ROUTINES STORIES 59-76 I Come to School on the Minibus Me and My Sister Science will be OK I Am a Writing Machine When we Line Up at Lunchtime I Can Queue Too! I Know How to Sit and Stand Nicely Wet Playtime When the Lights Go Out What Names to Use in School Why Grown Ups Have Meetings Why Do We Do Warm-ups? Long Jump Anybody Can Carry the Ball Getting Changed for PE When we do Ball Games What Happens if I Lose Stuff? Splash! PART EIGHT: SCHOOL WORK STORIES 77-92 I Like Some Teachers More Than Others How To Deal with Mistakes My Assistant Helps Other People Too Why Do I Do Different Work from Other People? It's OK to have Help I Can Ask for Help What if I Can't Do It? I Like to Finish My Work Working by Myself When I Don't Understand Things? When we Have a Test I Don't Need to Hide My Work How Much Do I Have to Do? My Teacher Asks Lots of Questions I Like to do Pictures Who Helps Me with my Homework?
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