Innovations in Office Design - The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments

Innovations in Office Design - The Critical Influence Approach to Effective Work Environments

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Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. INTRODUCTION. What Defines the Workplace Design Climate?. A Preview of What's Ahead. CHAPTER 1: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH. Values and Perceived Risks of an Interdisciplinary Approach. Interpretation by Diverse Disciplines. Collaboration Between Architectural and Design Firms. Key Components of an Interdisciplinary Approach. CHAPTER 2: THE CRITICAL INFLUENCE SYSTEM. Understanding the Key Factors Enabling a Sustainable Platform for Change. Definining the Critical Influence System. Key Factors Influencing Human Behavior in the Workplace. CHAPTER 3: CREATIVITY, INNOVATION & THE INNOVATION-FRIENDLY WORKPLACE. Definitions of Creativity and Innovation. Business Case for Distinction. Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Designing for Diversity. Dichotomies of the Innovation-Friendly Workplace. An Infrastructure for Innovation. The Innovation-Friendly Workplace. Lessons Learned in the Design of Innovation-Friendly Workplaces. The Benefits of Collaboration to Innovation . CHAPTER 4: UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Workplace Transformation and the Critical Influence System. Summary. CHAPTER 5: CASE STUDIES: COLLABORATIVE WORKPLACES THAT WORK. Case Study: Alcoa Corporate Center. Case Study: Marconi Communications. Case Study: SEI Investments. Case Study: GSA WorkPlace 20\20. Case Study: Analytical Graphics Inc. Case Study: Pfizer Global Research & Development. Case Study: Cisco - The Connected Workplace. Case Study: Gensler Headquarters. Case Study: De Lage Landen . CHAPTER 6: COLLABORATIVE WORKPLACE PRINCIPLES. Cultural Elements Fostering Innovative Behavior. Operational Elements Fostering Innovative Behavior. Environmental Elements Fostering Innovative Behavior. Collaborative Workplace Principles. CHAPTER 7: COLLABORATIVE PRINCIPLE INDEX. Eight Myths of Workplace Collaboration. Collaborative Principle Index. CHAPTER 8: CRITICAL INFLUENCE DESIGN MODEL. Incorporating Distinct Areas of Functional Expertise. The Critical Influence Design Model. Growing the Model to Support Complex Client Requirements. Distinguishing Critical Influence Design from other Approaches. A Sustainable Platform for Change. The Critical Influence Design Model: Addressing Emerging Business Issues. Summary CHAPTER 9: APPLYING THE MODEL. Still Not Convinced? Preconditions for Success. Applying the Critical Influence Design Model. Conclusion. Index.
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