Insect Viruses & Pest Management

Insect Viruses & Pest Management

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BASIC PRINCIPLES. Rationale for the Use of Microbial Pesticides. Characteristics of Insect Pathogenic Viruses. Assessment of Biological Activity. The Ecology of Baculoviruses in Insect Hosts. Control Strategies. Virus Production. Formulation. Spray Application of Baculoviruses. Conduct and Recording of Field Control Trials. Future Developments. WORLD SURVEY. A World Survey of Virus Control of Insect Pests. Western Europe. Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Indian Subcontinent. South--east Asia and the Western Pacific. Peoplea s Republic of China. Japan. Africa, the Near and Middle East. Australasia. North America. Central America and the Caribbean. South America. PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES. General Laboratory Practice. Working with the Host. Working with the Virus. Enumeration of Virus. Cell Culture. Mass Production, Product Formulation and Quality Control. Spray Application. Registration Requirements. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS INFLUENCING VIRAL SURVIVAL. Solar Radiation, with Emphasis on the Ultraviolet. Plant Surfaces. Glossary. Further Reading. Index.
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