Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry

Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry

Barrows, Clayton W.; Powers, Tom

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, Eighth Edition is an updated revision of a popular textbook for the introductory survey course covering management functions as well as all aspects of operations in the hotel, foodservice and restaurant, and travel and tourism businesses, including operations, and sales.
Preface.PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES ON CAREERS IN HOSPITALITY.Chapter 1: The Hospitality Industry and You.Chapter 2: Forces Affecting Growth and Change in the Hospitality Industry.PART TWO: FOOD SERVICE.Chapter 3: The Restaurant Business.Chapter 4: Restaurant Operations.Chapter 5: Restaurant Industry Organization: Chain, Independent, or Franchise?Chapter 6: Competitive Forces in Food Service.Chapter 7: Issues Facing Food Service.Chapter 8: On-Site Food Service.PART THREE: LODGING.Chapter 9: Lodging: Meeting Guest Needs.Chapter 10: Hotel and Lodging Operations.Chapter 11: Forces Shaping the Hotel Business.Chapter 12: Competition in the Lodging Business.PART FOUR: TRAVEL AND TOURISM.Chapter 13: Tourism: Front and Center.Chapter 14: Destinations: Tourism Generators.PART FIVE: MANAGEMENT IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY.Chapter 15: Management: A New Way of Thinking.Chapter 16: Planning in Hospitality Management.Chapter 17: Organizing in Hospitality Management.Chapter 18: Staffing: Human-Resources Management in Hospitality Management.Chapter 19: Control in Hospitality Management.Chapter 20: Leadership and Directing in Hospitality Management.PART SIX: HOSPITALITY AS A SERVICE INDUSTRY.Chapter 21: The Role of Service in the Hospitality Industry.Index.
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