Learning Physics

Learning Physics


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PART I: MECHANICS Introduction 1. One Dimensional Motion: Basic Concepts and Graphs 2. One Dimensional Motion: Equations and Problem Solving 3. Introduction to Dynamics: Forces in One Dimension 4. Newton's third law and interacting objects 5. Motion in two dimensions 6. Newton's Laws in Two Dimensions; Kinetic and Static Friction 7. Circular motion 8. Conservation of energy 9. Linear Momentum I: Conservation of Momentum in One Dimension 10. Linear Momentum II: Conservation of Momentum in Two Dimensions, Impulse, and Center of Mass 11. Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics 12. Rotational Energy and Angular Momentum 13. Oscillations 14. Gravitation 15. Waves (15a. Supplemental chapter on fluids available) PART II: THERMODYNAMICS 16. Ideal gases; kinetic theory 17. The First Law of Thermodynamics; Thermodynamic Cycles and Efficiency 18. Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics PART III: ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM 20. Electric fields 21. Gauss' Law 22. Electric potential 23. Capacitors 24. Current, resistance, and DC circuits 25. Magnetism 26. Creating magnetic fields 27. Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law 28. Inductance & motors 29. Time dependent DC circuits 30. AC Circuits 31. Maxwell's equations and EM Waves
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