Literate Lives - Teaching Reading and Writing in Elementary Classrooms

Literate Lives - Teaching Reading and Writing in Elementary Classrooms

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Part I. Gaining A Knowledge Base About Reading And Learners. Chapter 1. Examining Literacy In The Twenty-First Century. Chapter 2. Oral Language Learning In And Out Of The Classroom. Chapter 3. Getting To Know Students. Developing Culturally Relevant Practices For Reading And Writing. Chapter 4. Theories Of Literacy Development. Chapter 5. Literacy Programs And Approaches. Chapter 6. Entering Into The Literacy Landscape: Emergent Readers And Writers. Chapter 7. Beginning Reading And Writing. Chapter 8. Intermediate And Accomplished Readers And Writers. Chapter 9. Effective Assessment Practices For Reading And Writing. Chapter 10. Facilitating Meaningful Literature Discussions. Chapter 11. Reading To Learn: Using Nonfiction And Electronic Media To Support Literacy Development. Chapter 12. Factors That Influence Successful Reading And Writing. Appendices. Index.
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