Managing High-Technology Programs & Projects 3e

Managing High-Technology Programs & Projects 3e

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PART I. EXECUTIVE GUIDE TO PROGRAM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Executive Overview of Project Management. Programs and Projects. Improving Project Management Capabilities. Integrative Roles in Project Management. Integrative and Predictive Project Planning and Control. Project Team and Key Human Aspects of Project Management. Organizing the Project Management Function and Office. Managing Project Portfolios, Programs, and Multiple Projects. PART II. MANAGING SPECIFIC PROJECTS. Organizing the Individual Project Office and Project Team. Planning and Initiating Projects. Project Team Planning and Project Start-Up. Authorizing and Controlling the Work, Schedule, and Costs. Project Interface Management. Evaluating, Directing, and Closing Out the Project. Appendix: Integrated Scope, Schedule, Resource, Financial, and Risk Management for Projects. Bibliography. Index.
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