Mastering Family Therapy

Mastering Family Therapy

Journeys of Growth and Transformation

Lee, Wai-Yung; Minuchin, Salvador; Simon, George M.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Foreword vii
Braulio Montalvo

Preface ix
Salvador Minuchin

Acknowledgments xiii

Part I Families and Family Therapy

1 Family Therapy: A Theoretical Dichotomy 3

2 Family Particulars: All Families are Different 17

3 Family Universals: All Families are Alike 33

4 Family Therapies: Clinical Practice and Supervision 41

5 Contemporary Trends: Whatever Happened to Family Therapy? 61

6 The Therapeutic Encounter 75

Part II Stories of Supervision

7 Supervision of the Therapeutic Encounter 99

8 The Feminist and the Hierarchical Teacher 107
Margaret Ann Meskill

9 One Head, Many Hats 123
Hannah Levin

10 The Poet and the Drummer 137
Adam Price

11 "The Oedipal Son" Revisited 159
Gil Tunnell

12 Into the Crucible 177
Israela Meyerstein

13 Men and Dependency: The Treatment of a Same-Sex Couple 195
David E. Greenan

14 The Shit-Painter 215
Wai-Yung Lee

15 Filling the Empty Vessel: Andy Schauer's Story 243
Wai-Yung Lee

Epilogue 261
Salvador Minuchin

References 267

Index 271
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