Mastering Resin

Mastering Resin

Gradecki, Joseph D.; Hightower, Richard

John Wiley and Sons Ltd







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Resin is a popular Java application server that competes with such well-known commercial products as BEA WebLogic and IBM's WebSphere. This product is invented by Caucho Technology. This guide offers a comprehensive tutorial and reference on how to use various flavors of Resin, including the basic Resin server, Resin-CMP, and Resin-Enterprise.
Introduction.PART I. INTRODUCTION TO RESIN.Chapter 1. Resin Setup.Chapter 2. Web Server Configuration.Chapter 3. Resin and Java Technologies.PART II. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT WITH RESIN.Chapter 4. Using JSP with Resin.Chapter 5. Estending JSP to Use Servlets.Chapter 6. Native Resin XTP.Chapter 7. Advanced Reporting Using XSL Stylesheets.Chapter 8. JSP, Resin, and Beans.Chapter 9. Web Services Using Resin-XML Burlap.Chapter 10. Writing Web Service with Hessian Binary Web Service Protocol.Chapter 11. Resin-CMP.Chapter 12. Resin-EJB.Chapter 13. HTML Parsing.Chapter 14. Servlet Filters.Chapter 15. Database Connections.Chapter 16. Debugging.Chapter 17. Security.Chapter 18. Dynamic Code Updates.Chapter 19. Page Caching.PART III. ADVANCED RESIN ADMINISTRATION.Chapter 20. Resin Server Configuration.Chapter 21. Allowing Virtual Hosting.Chapter 22. Resin Hardcore.Chapter 23. Reliability and Load Balancing.PART IV. APPENDIXES.Appendix A. Working with Resin Source Code.Appendix B. Obtaining Book Examples.
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