Nutrition in Early Life

Nutrition in Early Life

Morgan, Jane B.; Dickerson, John W. T.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Growth, development and body composition (Dickerson).

Pre- and periconceptual nutrition (Coad).

Maternal physiology and nutrition (Forsum).

Physiological and nutritional aspects of the placenta (Symonds, Budge and Stephenson).

Lifestyle and maternal health interactions between mother and foetus (Ibrahim and Forsyth).

The foetus at birth: maternal and foetal preparations for postnatal development (McNabb).

Foetal, infant and childhood growth and adult health (Godfrey and Barker).

Nutrition in infancy (Wever and Prentice).

Complementary feeding for the full-term infant (Sritharan and Morgan).

Nutrition of the low-birth-weight and very-low-birth-weight infant (King and Harrison).

Nutrition in childhood (Poskitt).,

Practical advice on food and nutrition for the mother, infant and child (Lawson).

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