Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Theory, Research and Treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - Theory, Research and Treatment

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About the Editors. List of Contributors. Preface. Acknowledgements. Section I - The Nature of OCD. Chapter 1 - The Classification and Diagnosis of OCD (A. Krochmalik and R. Menzies). Chapter 2 - The Phenomenology of OCD (P. de Silva). Section II - Theoretical Accounts of OCD. Chapter 3 - Neuropsychological Models of OCD (I. Frampton). Chapter 4 - Cognitive-behavioural Theory of OCD (P. Salkovskis and J. McGuire). Chapter 5 - Repetitive and Iterative Thinking in Psychopathology: Anxiety-inducing Consequences and a Mood-As-Input Mechanism (G. Davey, et al.). Chapter 6 - Personality and Individual Differences in OCD (A. Macdonald). Section III - Clinical Presentations and Subtypes of OCD. Chapter 7 - Obsessive-compulsive Washing (M. Jones and A. Krochmalik). Chapter 8 - Compulsive Checking (S. Rachman). Chapter 9 - Compulsive Hoarding (R. Frost and T. Hartl). Chapter 10 - Primary Obsessional Slowness (S. Rachman). Chapter 11 - Obsessions, Ruminations and Covert Compulsions (P. de Silva). Ch apter 12 - Atypical Presentations (D. Einstein and R. Menzies). Chapter 13 - The Obsessive-compulsive Spectrum and Body Dysmophic Disorder (D. Veale). Section IV - Approaches to Assessment and Treatment in OCD. Chapter 14 - Assessment Procedures (T. St. Clare). Chapter 15 - Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD (M. Kyrios). Chapter 16 - Cognitive Therapy for OCD (M. Marks). Chapter 17 - Pharmacological and Neurosurgical Treatment of OCD (M. McDonough). OCD in Children and Adolescents (R. Shafran). Chapter 19 - The Management of Treatment-resistant Cases and other Difficult Clients (M. Bruch and A. Prioglio). Section V - Professional Issues. Chapter 20 - Training, Resources and Service Provision (L. Harris and R. Menzies). References. Author Index. Subject Index.
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