Occupational and Residential Exposure Assessment for Pesticides

Occupational and Residential Exposure Assessment for Pesticides

Franklin, Claire A.; Worgan, John P.

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Contributors. Series Preface.



Introduction and Overview (Claire A. Franklin and John P. Worgan).

Section One: Exposure Assessment Methodologies.

1. Assessment of Exposure for Pesticide Handlers in Agricultural, Residential and Institutional Environments (Richard A. Fenske and Edgar W. Day, Jr.).

2. Development of Risk-Based Restricted Entry Intervals (Gary K. Whitmyre, John H. Ross, Michael E. Ginevan and Delmont Eberhart).

3. Residential Post-Application Pesticide Exposure Monitoring (Robert G. Lewis).

4. Residential (Non-Dietary) Post-Application Exposure Assessment (Jeffrey Driver, John H. Ross, Muhilan Pandian, Jeff Evans and Curt Lunchick).

Section Two: Databases and Models.

5. Generic Operator Exposure Databases (Joop J. van Hemmen and Katinka E. van der Jagt).

6. Predictive Residential Models (Yoshihide Matoba and Mark P. van Veen).

Section Three: Epidemiology.

7. Exposure Assessment for Pesticides in Epidemiological Studies (Dick Heederik and Kay Teschke).

Section Four: Advances in Data Interpretation.

8. Probabilistic Approaches to Aggregate and Cumulative Risk Assessment (Robert L. Sielken, Jr.).

9. Dermal Absorption of Pesticides (Betty C. Hakkert, J.J.M. (Han) van de Sandt, Jos G.M. Bessems and Cees de Heer).

10. Occupational and Residential Exposure Assessment for Pesticides - Towards a Harmonized Regulatory Approach (Christine A. Norman).

Guidelines Bibliography.


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