Oracle 8 Administration and Management

Oracle 8 Administration and Management

Ault, Margaret R.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd



Mixed media product





Explaining methods for managing Oracle 7 and 8 databases, this book contains tips, techniques and software tools for: installing Oracle; administering the database using system features and third party utilities; and administering database objects.
Installation of Oracle; Administration of Oracle (After the Bloom is Off the Rose ...); Tablespace Administration; Administration Relational Database Tables; Administration of Oracle8 Object Tables; Adminstration of Indexes; Administration of Other Database Objects; Administration of Table Clusters; Oracle Provided Packages DBMS*; The DBMSUtility Series of Packages; Utility Procedures and Other Scripts; Monitoring Database Tables, Clusters, Snapshots Types and Indexes; Monitoring Users and Other Database Objects; Tuning Oracle Applications; Database Internals Tuning; Managing in a Distributed Environment; Backup and Recovery Procedures for Oracle; What's on the CD-ROM; Appendices; Index.
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