Oracle Administration and Management

Oracle Administration and Management

Ault, Michael R.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd








Offering functionality for the Oracle database system, this book shows the best techniques, tips, and tools for Oracle systems. Businesses, government agencies, hospitals, and other rely on these systems for fast access to critical business data.
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1. Installation of Oracle. Chapter 2. Administration of Oracle (After the Bloom Is off the Rose...). Chapter 3. Tablespace Admistration. Chapter 4. Administration of Relational Database Tables. Chapter 5. Administration of Oracle9i Object Tables. Chapter 6. Administration of Indexes. Chapter 7. Administration of Other Database Objects. Chapter 8. Administration of Table Clusters. Chapter 9. User and Security Administration. Chapter 10. Monitoring Database Tables, Indexes, Clusters, Snapshots, and Objects. Chapter 11. Monitoring Users and Other Database Objects. Chapter 12. Oracle Tuning. Chapter 13. Database Internals Tuning. Chapter 14. Distributed Database Management. Chapter 15. Backup and Recovery Procedures for Oracle. Index.
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