Oracle XSQL

Oracle XSQL

Combining SQL, Oracle Text, XSLT and Java to Publish Dynamic Web Content

Thomas, Michael D.

John Wiley and Sons Ltd








As the volume of XML-based data increases there is a critical need to be able to query that data efficiently and flexibly. Oracle's proprietary XSQL meets that need. XSQL greatly simplifies combining the power of SQL, XML, and XSLT to publish dynamic Web content based on information contained in a database.
About the Author. Chapter 1. Introducing Oracle XSQL. Chapter 2. Getting Started with XSQL. Chapter 3. Hello, XSQL! Chapter 4. XSQL Architecture. Chapter 5. Writing XSQL Pages. Chapter 6. XSQL Parameters. Chapter 7. Database Modifications with XSQL. Chapter 8. Oracle SQL. Chapter 9. PL/SQL. Chapter 10. Using Oracle Text. Chapter 11. Retrieving XML. Chapter 12. XSLT. Chapter 13. XSLT In-Depth. Chapter 14. Building XSQL Web Applications. Chapter 15. Command Line Utility. Chapter 16. Web Services with XSQL. Chapter 17. XSQL Beyond Web Browsing. Chapter 18. Custom Action Handlers. Chapter 19. Serializers. Appendix A: Resources. Appendix B: Related Standards. Index.
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