Patent Strategy - The Managers Guide to Profiting from Patent Portfolios

Patent Strategy - The Managers Guide to Profiting from Patent Portfolios

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Acknowledgments. Foreword. Patents in Context--Incorporating Patents into Your Business. An Overview of Patents. Strategies for Managing Patent Liability. Strategies for Leveraging Value From R&D: Implementing a Patent Program. Licensing, Selling, and Buying Patents. Partnering, Strategic Alliances, and Deals. Budgetary Issues. Patent Litigation. A Look Inside Patent Prosecution (Obtaining a Patent). More Prosecution Strategies. Getting a Second Look by the Patent Office: Reexamination and Reissue. Battle for the Same Rights: Interference Proceedings. Patents Abroad. The Risks of Patent Licensing and Enforcement. Choosing a Patent Attorney. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Provides the Following Summary Description of the Provisions of the New Law. Appendix A: Sample Patents. Appendix B: Data on Patent Activity: Issuances, Technology, and Litigations. Appendix C: Preserving Trade Secret Rights and Avoiding Liability for Violating Those of Others. Appendix D: Select Sections of the Patent Laws. Index.
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