Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation

Pesticide Toxicology and International Regulation

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Preface.List of Contributors.Frequently Used Abbreviations.Toxicity Classifications and Hazard Ratings.1. Pesticides: An Overview of Fundamentals (Bryan Ballantyne & Timothy Marrs).PART I: INSECTICIDES.2. Toxicology of Organochlorine Insecticides (Andrew G. Smith).3. Anticholinesterase Insecticides (Charles M. Thompson and Rudy J. Richardson ).4. Toxicology of Pyrethrins and Synthetic Pyrethroids (David E. Ray).5. Toxicology of miscellaneous insecticides (Roland Solecki).PART II: FUNGICIDES, HERBICIDESM AND GROWTH REGULATORS.6. Toxicology of Fungicides (Bryan Ballantyne).7. Toxicology of Herbicides (Timothy C. Marrs).PART III: SPECIAL TYPES OF PESTICIDE.8. Microbial Pesticides (Ian C. Dewhurst).9. Biocides (Bryan Ballantyne and Susan L. Jordan).PART IV: RESIDUES.10. Variability of Residues in Unprocessed Food Items and its Impact on Consumer Risk Assessment (Caroline A. Harris and Alan R. C. Hill).PART V: HUMAN ASPECTS.11. Occupational Aspects of Pesticide Toxicity in Humans (Angelo Moretto).12. Treatment of Pesticide Poisoning (Gregory P. Wedin and Blaine E. Benson).PART VI: REGULATION.13. Regulation of Pesticides and Biocides in the European Union (Deborah J. Hussey and Graham M. Bell).14. Regulation in NAFTA (Cheryl E. A. Chaffey and Virginia A. Dobozy).15. The Regulatory System in Japan (Kannosuke Fujimori).Index.
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