Profiting from Intellectual Capital - Extracting Value from Innovation

Profiting from Intellectual Capital - Extracting Value from Innovation

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Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: DEFINITIONS, CONCEPTS, AND CONTEXT. Introduction to Intellectual Capital Management (P. Sullivan). Basic Definitions and Concepts (P. Sullivan). Advanced Definitions and Concepts (P. Sullivan). Culture and Values Management: Context for the Development and Measurement of Intellectual Capital (B. Hall). In Search of a Paradigm (P. Westberg & P. Sullivan). The Confusion of the Capitals: Surveying the Cluttered Landscape of Intellectual "Capitals" and Terminology (M. Hall). Irreconcilable Differences? Managing the Knowledge Creation Interfaces (P. Grindley). PART II: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. Extracting Value from Intellectual Property (P. Sullivan). The IP Portfolio as a Competitive Tool (S. Harrison & K. Rivette). Creating the Portfolio Database (K. Hale). Intellectual Property Management: From Theory to Practice (S. Fox). Intellectual Capital Development at a Spin--Off Company (W. Manfroy & H. Gwinnell). PART III: INTELLECTUAL ASSET MANAGEMENT. Extracting Value from Intellectual Assets (P. Sullivan). The Intellectual Asset Manager (J. Daniele). Intellectual Asset Management at Dow Chemical (G. Petrash). Intellectual Asset Management at Avery Dennison (L. Morrison & P. Germeraad). Intellectual Asset Management at Neste (K. Laento). Making It Happen (P. Sullivan). PART IV: INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT. Measuring and Monitoring Intellectual Capital (S. Harrison & T. Walker). Managing Intellectual Capital at Skandia (L. Edvinsson). The Role of Intellectual Capital in Valuing Knowledge Companies (J. O'Shaughnessy & P. Sullivan). Reporting on Intellectual Capital (P. Sullivan). Understanding and Managing Knowledge Asset for Competitive Advantage in Innovation and Product Development (J. Daniele). Maintaining the Stock of Intellectual Capital (P. Jajko & E. Prime). The Future of Intellectual Capital (P. Sullivan). Appendix: Valuing Intellectual Properties (S. Khoury).
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