Programming with Objects

Programming with Objects

A Comparative Presentation of Object-Oriented Programming With C++ and Java

Kak, Avinash C.

John Wiley & Sons Inc






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Why OO Programming - Some Parallels with Things at Large. Baby Steps.

The Notion of a Class and Some Other Key Ideas.


Using the Container Classes.

The Primitive Types and Their Input/Output.

Declarations, Definitions, and Initializations.

Object Reference and Memory Allocation.

Functions and Methods.

Handling Exceptions.

Classes, The Rest of the Story.

Overloading Operators in C++.

Generics and Templates.

Modeling Diagrams for OO Programs.

Extending Classes.

Multiple Inheritance in C++.

OO for Graphical User Interfaces, A Tour of Three Toolkits.

Multithreaded Object-Oriented Programming.

Network Programming.

Database Programming.
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